Am I yob for fighting on the train home?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by trickywoo56, Nov 20, 2004.

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  1. So, it's 4am this morning and I'm on the Vomit Comet to Haywards Heath and a couple of dicks are acting up and generally being wakners. I ask one to get his feet of the chair and offer him a Torygraph to put them on if he must - then I'm on the floor in a ruck with the pair of them.

    Eventually, a woman (!) told them to get off me. (Obv., wouldn't have started had it just been one guy).

    Well then, am I no better than these two chava monkeys or am I correct to stand up to these dicks?

    (My wife thinks I should have just walked on and let them continue annoying everyone).

    PS Leathered one and got the other in the knackers and I'm 34 so surprised meself!

    08R LGW
  2. Good skills and drills imho 8)
  3. abeaumont,

    Bloody great!
  4. Good work Trickywoo, bet they'll think twice about doing that again !

    Smiliar experience a few years ago. Local Chav had broken in to the Emergency phone at my local station. I challenged him and helped him to hang up the phone. Problem solved I thought.

    Was on the phone to the girlfriend when he walked up an threatened to stab me in the eye with a pen he was holding - girlfriend starts to flap - i told her to wait out.

    Decided the best plan was all out assualt so I advanced to the Chav, told he he'd better be quick cos in 2 seconds he will be on the deck with a broken jaw.

    Gutless tw*t backed down and told me to chill out :D
  5. Been there done that

    I am built like the proverbial brick out house and did a long stretch in a very good regiment.
    I thought I was the model of a good citizen

    Yet when I had to resolve to physical self-defence, the littlie tow rag was so aggrieved at not being allowed to persecute a local very hard working Asian shop owner, he reported me to the police. What p*ssed me off was being told it was his word against mine and as he would have half a dozen witnesses within half an hour they would have to arrest me.
    The only saving grace was the CCTV camera that the Bookies had next-door being able to prove the scrote was not ad versed to telling fibs
    With out doubt the law abiding members of society have been totally cuckolded
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Be aware the majority of trains are now fitting CCTV in all carriages and being downloaded daily into HDs.

    Usually the chavs will be the first to moan if they get a kicking they well deserved, so again be aware of their modus operandi! $hitbags generally!

    No condoneing violence, but glad to see some of the travelling chavscum getting a hiding!
  7. On a train ehh? can we start sending these untermenschen east in cattle trucks? we always need carpets and lamp shades :D
  8. And good soap, and special shirts for submarine crews.
  9. Proud of you trickywoo.

    Just hope it's the start of a trend doing what half these little chav's parents should have done a long time ago teach them the world doesn't revolve around them and show the some manners.

    Big pat on the back.
  10. Thrash them! Most gobby sh!tes will run a mile if subjected to a quick, overwhelming and brutal assault. :twisted:

    And, if the coppers try to use you to bump up their statistics, follow the example of the chav scum and don't answer any questions without a lawyer present.
  11. Not all Police are as anally retentive by the book idiots as this forum thinks you know. It is the CPS that brings the charges.

    If I had to deal with the situation as described I would action the following-
    That is possibly criminal damage.

    Possession of an offensive weapon, threats to kill or at least common assault, possibly some attempted offence alond the lines of GBH with intent.

    Said Chav would be immediately "enjoying" a trip to the station in the back of the landrover, and the injured party would be getting written of any bullshit allegation by so much spin put in the report by me that not only would he not get prosecuted for any of chav scum's rubbish allegations, but he would get a letter of thanks from the Superintendent, and possibly a reward from the railway company (many offer £1000 in such circumstances)

    We frequently deal with such scum, who are all piss and vinegar, but 30 seconds in the back of the truck are somehow not quite so hard. Most of them are the most physically unimpressive specimens ever, and only manage to assault anyone using the numbers game.
  12. Thanks for the support chaps.

    On balance, I think I would do the same again although in the sober light of day it's occured to me that thay may have had a knife.

    Therefore, if it happens again I shall make sure certa cito to introduce to them to a new level of "Violence - the 4.42 to Haywards Heath - the Scaleyback way!"

    Cheers again,

  13. If they are chavs then fair play to you, if anything you where performing the nation a service and should be paid for your work! lol
  14. My first night in the British Army, having just come over from the Aussie Army and I'm out celebrating with 2 soldiers from the POW Div at a wine bar in Litchfield. Its almost closing and in walk a gang of skin heads. I know, I know, skin heads in a wine bar. Maybe they just had low self esteem. Anyway, as we were leaving one of our blokes looks at the skin heads and simply says in a loud voice,"w*nkers". That evening had been my introduction to 6X beer and I had over done it. I was not fit to fight.

    The fight, I understand was a corker. My little part of it involved me lieing on the ground whilst skin heads took turns kicking 9 bells of sh*t out of me. As one tired another stepped forward to take his place.

    Suddenly 4 or 5 policemen appeared with trungeons drawn. Everybody stopped and eyed each other. The police saw a group of skin heads fighting 3 men dressed in suits. With a yell they launched themselves at the skin heads and beat them merclessly. The Police even arranged a taxi for us and apologised that our evening had been ruined by these thugs. I was very impressed.

    I attended my interview with the Div Brigadier the following morning with two black eyes and lips like Venus Williams. I'm amazed they didn't send me straight back to Australia.