Am I wrong to laugh at twats dressed like this ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by No_Duff, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. Am I wrong to laugh at twats dressed like this ?

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  2. Wrong?
    It is your duty to mock.
  3. It's your duty to push him over and then run off laughing.
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  4. It looks like the Dragoons' mess dress.
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  5. Looks to me as though he's filled those pants, either with last night's kebab or C4
  6. I'm amazed you can laugh at a time like this, since he seems to be doing a runner after shagging your bird!
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  7. Pathetic is the only word that springs to mind, what a sad tosser!.
  8. robocop thats real?

    it cant be
  9. You may already know this but, wearing your pants down low to show your underwear originated in American prisons. Homosexual males would use this dress code as a calling sign to other men that they were available. It was picked up by the want-to-be gangsters in hollywood music (rap) and the image became a part of pop culture.

    Quite funny. Instead of laughing at him, pretend to be queer and hit on him! :) HA!

    just looked into it a little. snopes says what i have heard is false... who knows. it did start in prison... from ill fitting pants? doubt it.

    either way, it has no taste. no function.

    well, if the gay thing isn't true... just trip them.
  10. You mean all those Gangsta Rappers are actually Gangsta Gayers? I always thought so myself. "Straight Outta Compton and Up Ya Hoop", etc.
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  11. Kebab anyone?

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  12. I've heard a million versions of this, the most plausible being that it was a prison thing where you weren't allowed a belt in case you hung yourself. So yo pants was always around yo ass. Innit.
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  13. It's become such a trend in the states that some schools and townships have tried to ban dressing this way. If you want to dress like an ass, so be it! My guess is that it must be a gay thing since I can't see any normal women finding this attractive, only gay people who are looking for easy access?

    My prejudice comes out when I see someone dressed this way. Idiot comes to mind.
  14. Wrong? It is your duty.
  15. And it is your duty to read previous posts :)
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