Am I worrying too much about selection weekend?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by OpsSuper, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. Gents,

    Apologies if some of this has already come up in forum, I did a search but couldn't find anything similar but computer skills aren't all that.....

    Anyway, I've just been given my dates for TA selection weekend (Strensall 3/4 October) and for some inexplicable reason, I'm developing a mild state of panic.....Ungrounded I suspect, but perhaps not.

    I'm pretty confident I'll make the grade medically and fitness wise (although still some room for improvement) but it's the other stuff I'm concerned about. I'm 36 and haven't been through any form of selection since I left university and started work some 14 years ago.

    I suspect it's maybe a case of 'just be yourself and try your hardest' but have this nagging doubt I've missed something crucial along the way.

    Any words of wisdom gratefully accepted, even if it's just 'suck it up and get on with it'.

  2. Suck it up and get on with it.

    Seriously, your a big boy now, you will be fine.
  3. Yes, you are.
  4. Another yes...
  5. are you doing any trg for it, an what cap badge are you going for?
  6. Really wouldn't worry yourself matey. Selection weekend is good fun, and it's should be more of a benefit for you to go through than a worry as you will get an insight into what your initial recruit training weekends will be like, and potentially meet the guys who will go through training with you.

    All the best mate, as I said just enjoy it.
  7. Cheers Folks, thanks for the 'encouragement'. On the whole, I'm honestly looking forward to it. Joining the TA has been something I've wanted to do for a long time so now I've finally got to the right place in my life...

    Just when I think back to the truely awful 'selection events' all the big companies used to hold when I was a graduate. Still as it goes, I'm older and hopefully a good bit 'wiser'

    Running 2-3 miles 3 to 4 times a week. Sit ups and push ups too but I'm lousy at push ups. About 25 is my limit at the moment. 1.5 mile time is sitting around 12:30 on a good run but steadily improving. Never been a runner so happy enough with that side of things so far although I know I'll need to get better.

    I've found one of the plus sides to getting off my backside and deciding to do something more worthwhile with my free time already, I'm a hell of a lot fitter than I was 3 months ago and over a stone lighter...

    Going for Royal Engineers...Want to get hands on again now I'm an email clerk in my day job rather than the engineer I started as.

    Cheers again folks, positivity restored!
  8. I'm training up to re-enlist (at 42!) so you're not alone. I find myself thinking 'yes, I'll be fine' or 'argggh, doom, failure, then what?' Have you considered checking with the recruiters and making sure you haven't missed anything?
  9. Don't sweat it, be yourself, try your hardest, bring sense of humour, remember its NOT a competition for a limited number of places, help your other 'would be squaddies' and accept help if you need it from them. ENJOY! :D (I'm 42 and going through it all again at the moment) :lol:
  10. That's exactly what I mean! Spoke to ROSO and he has been extremely positive and helpful. I think maybe I'm looking for what isn't there...

    Going for it again at 42! I am thinking you must have looked after yourself a damn sight better than I have. Dragged my fitness up kicking and screaming at 36, god knows what I would have been like trying it in another 6 or 7 years....
  11. Thanks for the advice chap. I think maybe being a bit older may help in some situations anyway.... Working offshore, there are a lot of ex services guys and the humour is pretty raw so I think I should be OK on that side of things.

    Thanks again to all the folks who posted comments, I'm definitely looking forward now!
  12. LMAO! Yup, I used to be VERY fit and then it slide in my early thirties. It has taken me about two years of bloody hard slog to get me back to where I used to be. Don't sweat it about the phys' just keep up your running and regular press ups & sit ups at least 3 times a week. If you want; pm me your email address and I'll email you my training program. I've never felt better (and the comments I get at the gym and have been positive too :wink: )....That being said, the Gym I use is a Navy base and the comments are mainly from the male Matelots!!!!! :omfg:
  13. Relax, they're just being supportive...just being supportive...repeat after me... :wink: It is somewhat slower and harder than I remember it being at 20 :oops:
  14. Be sure to bring biscuits, laptops, i-pod, sicknote from doctor and a Sainsburys carrier bag full of lies about your civvy job and earnings....
  15. Try and gradually increase the quantity of high calorie snacks you can consume in any 12 hour period. Aim to gain about a stone every fortnight, and adopt the swagger that the enginners have that they think makes them look muscular. Not fat as fuck