Am i wasting what i have achieved?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by davethomson2007, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am 23 and have 6 GCSE's, 2 AS Levels, An Advanced VCE, An A Level and a Degree at 2:2 level in Business Management.

    I am sort of torn now because i am joining the parachute reg at present but as a regular soldier. With my age and qualifications do you think i should be aiming at Officer Status?

    I dont have a C in Maths at GCSE and they are seeing if i am still able to apply to be an officer.

    Just wondering what people think?

    Are there advantages for people with degrees entering as a reg?


  2. If you do not possess a C grade at GCSE then you are currently functionally innumerate, a trait that will not enable you to perform at either regimental duty, or at staff, as an officer. You may even need remedial trg to bring you up to the standard required of a private soldier.

    My advice - improve your maths skills first.

  3. i wanna make it clear i did my GCSE maths 6 Years ago and i did the practice gcse test the other day and got 98% so my Maths is easily good enough now after doing accoutning etc at uni.
  4. What is your A Level in?

    However lets not forget that GCSE's are only there to get you to the next step, IE A levels, and then onto a degree, so in theory you degree should nullify your GCSE's.

    Personally i think you should aim for Officer, unless there is a reason why you want to go as a OR? Depends what you want out of your time in service?
  5. Thankfully Dave Thomson 2007 who is about to join the Para Regt no one will ever guess your identity from your avatar.

    Be a bit more careful unless your real name is Thomas Davidson

  6. Surely having a degree outweighs not having a C at maths. Contact your old uni and see if the senior lecturer on your course will write you a letter stating that you are easily above the standard of a GCSE grade C. If you did modules covering quantitative methods, operational research, and principals of accountancy there is no way they can say you are innumerate.

    I would make every attempt possible to get a commission before joining the ranks but thats just my view with the benefit of hindsight.

    Bear in mind though you may not get offered a commission in the Paras.

    Dont set you sights low, you'll only regret it when you are older.

    Please don't use your name on the internet for christ's sake its supposed to be an anonymous forum. More people work for Tesco's than the Army and any bone comments will come back to haunt you.
  7. haha its not my real name. That would be stupid!

    I just made up the name.
  8. oohh, quick, back peddle!!!!!
  9. Im a graduate who entered as a regular soldier. So many people have degrees now, they are not seen as anything special.

    Although mine is a Disney Degree to be fair!
  10. Hasn't this thread already been started in the "Officer" forum under "Regs or Officer"? Looks remarkably similar to me........
  11. With that background, I would say "yes".

    Try for a Commission first, but you won't necessarily be able to join the Parachute Regiment (unless they like the look of you)!

  12. dont worry!!! I got comissioned and had no GCE or GCSE......only a basic cert of Army Education......grade 3...just able to read and write...
  13. As you are a graduate mate. what made you go down the regular rather than officer route.

    yes i posted in here and in officer section to help get the widest response from users of both forums.
  14. Dave mate? That you?