Am I unreasonable?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by botfeckid, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. Hmm:

    BBC speak with murderer on the run

    SO, this guy is a self confessed murdering mick provo barsteward, he's on the run in the US, and he asks for his face to be hidden in the interview:

    a) I'd love to be able to emigrate to the states (well, I wouldn't, but you know what I mean) - why do so many IRA scum seem able to live more or less freely there?

    b) How did the Beeb find him, and have they passed on his location to the US and UK authorities, as any law abiding citizen should do?

    c) Why have they agreed to hide him in the shadows - since when did our publicly funded service agree to let terrorist murdering scum dictate terms?

    It's the fact that the BBC see no shame or issue in trumpeting this absolute fecking disgrace that makes me reach impotently for a GPMG and a belt of 200 rounds. HOW BLOODY DARE THEY.

    ps - I particularly like the lying, murdering, spud scoffing scum ******'s line about 'praying for him every day'. Yup - probably each time you jump at a shadow, you fecking lying tossbag ginga FACKER - I hope you roast in hell for all eternity, whilst remembering his face. GAAHHH - Cnuts, all of them.
  2. I dunno about a gpmg, I think a would be more sutible. I think we could solve the overcrowding problem in prisons by sticking all the lying, shit stabbing bastards that **** over this country on a boat, then torching it.
  3. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Bloody great ... the slime lives "on the run" [my ARRSE] for 30 contented years in the USA, and the f************g BBC have the affrontery to:

    a. Talk to him.
    b. Conceal him.
    c. Broadcast him.

    Isn't there a law against "concealing/aiding terrorists" now?
    DG BBC should be arrested tomorrow [if not today].
  4. F*****G SCUMBAGS!!! is this where my 100quid a year goes!!! Won't be long until you'll see Al-Q walking about downtown basra with BBC printed on the front of there rags and their own personal TV crews!!!
  5. Is it on tonight? The Beeb says so, Sky disagrees...
  6. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    You've been taking too many Bliar tablets, Sir. :roll:
  7. Feck you you fecking enemy sympathiser.

    a)Things may have moved on: I still have the memories of friends dying and maimed whilst trying to bring peace to that benighted province of murderous shites, so I'll choose to 'get used to it' when I meet them in Valhalla - until then, you keep your poisonous fecking bollocks for the other leftie pinko antiBrit enemies of my people who can FECK OFF to some hole where you're wanted.

    b) Of course some people would describe Nairac (note the capital there, you discourteous propaganda peddling fecking scrote) as a terrorist - that's called enemy lying propaganda, and I don't give a flying feck at a rolling donut for their opinions. Feck you, feck the horse you rode in on, and come and meet me once you've got some time in, you fecktasticly arrogant, shite scumm wanky wanky fecking enemy of my state.

    Any of that need amplification, shite for brains swine? I hope you die of crawling aids with a dose of syphilis thrown in - but slowly.
  8. Probably the same reason PIRA used to get 90%(?) of their funding from there! :x
  9. Calm down you emotional cretin, those are not my views they are the general view now held, which is why the bbc are allowing someone like this terrorist air time, the wars over, move on, its the way ahead which is why you have known murderers now in goverment ,it is no different to any other terrorist campaign that has been "solved" politically in the last sixty years, its known as a "political settlement" thats life
  10. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    IRA only bombed me twice ... I'm not emotional, just disgusted.
  11. you joined the army what did you expect ? ,idiot
  12. Some of the debate on that website was fairly reasonable, on the other hand, that tosser who states that the killing of off-duty soldiers, RUC etc, and civilians, was all perfectly acceptable and indeed good, but the knocking off of provo scum, many of whom on their way to commit dastardly acts of terrorism and violence, was murder.

    Some people make me fcuking sick.
    Edited to add- Auxie, you're one of them. Cnut
  13. Prick, **** off from this site your kind are not wanted.