Am i underweight????

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by s123steph, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. Hi im just wondering weather you think i am underweight, im 15 nearly 16, 5ft 3 and weigh 6st 10. when i leave school i want to go to RLC college and im worried i am too underweight
  2. you not got a mcdonalds near you then..
  3. lol i dont like mcdonalds
  4. dont worry the army will fatten you helps too...
  5. lol kk
  6. Are you male or female?
  7. female
  8. ... and plenty of fresh vegetables. Milk and cheese provide protein and calcium to help develop bone to go with your new muscles.

    No doubt a proper nutritionist could give a more detailed answer.

    Good luck.
  9. Your BMI is 16.6 which falls into the "underweight" category. The threshold for "normal" is 18.5 which means you need to put on about 10-11lbs.
    I woudn't worry too much if I were you, at your age, you may experience a sudden growth spurt, but it woudn't do you any harm to increase your intake of healthy food and perhaps try to put on a little muscle.
  10. Eat good carbs pasta etc
  11. like breasts if u havnt got them already......
    i wouldnt worry, the army wont turn u down, they`ll just tell u to sort it out if it is a major problem, other than that do what the others people have said, as it doesnt do any harm as stated
  12. Jeezuz H Christ.... I sh1t bigger than you!!
  13. Don't keep worrying about your weight young un. You should enjoy your food, throw out the scales and smile at yourself every day in the mirror.
    Maybe tell your mum or dad to see what they think. If they are not bothered then go to your doctor- then if he says you are fine- then please stop worrying and enjoy the best years of your life. Don't worry at your age-have some fun with your pals.
    Best wishes young un.