Am I turning into a sad old whinging git? What would you do?

Would you buy your Corps and Regimental goodies from this person?

  • Yes - It's spiffing high quality merchandise, can I buy in bulk?

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  • No – I'm outraged, give me the contact details of SO2 Policy & Research.

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  • Get back under your stone at ARTD and have a snooze, you fossil.

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Quite a simple one this and it involves good old ebay.

The person below is selling a high volume of items on ebay - Corps and Regimental plaques, stickers, mouse mats, clocks, et al (plus some of those seriously walty P Coy Certificates) - you get the idea.

Cick here

He/she has for sale items pertaining to various Corps and Regiments, most are of a poor quality reproduction, the likes of which I would find very hard to believe have obtained an MoD Licence.

Now I’m all for anyone becoming an internet entrepreneur, but when I see my Corps badge mass produced in such a poor quality, sub standard way it pi$$e$ me off a bit. I know for a fact that 90% of his stuff wouldn’t be available in any PRI, Museum shop, or similar, quite simply because D Licensing in UPAVON wouldn’t have let it get through the system.

Have a look, if you’re serving or ex, you’ll probably see your Corps or Regimental badge printed out and stuck on anything from a bulls backside to a dustbin lid.

I’m no fool, I know countless amounts of people are reproducing similar items without a licence, however, when it is such poor quality it doesn’t do the image of the British Army any favours whatsoever.

And before anyone jumps in with the classic: “What’s wrong, is he nicking all your trade?”

The simple answer is NO, I do not sell on ebay (Apart from a few non mil items for H4H a while back), or anywhere else for that matter, I am just genuinely pi$$ed off by what I have seen on my computer.

So in short, am I turning into a sad old whinging git? What would you do?

Do I make my outrage known to Def PR(A) and contact the Project Officer, Maj K**** S***t, SO2 Policy & Research, or do I crawl back under my stone and go back to sleep?

Fcuk me, the seller is probably a member of ARRSE!

Be gentle - I've had a tough day at work today, you try working in ARTD.

Edited: Due to it being a Frietag and I'm tired, hungry and can just about string a legible sentence together.

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