Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by in_the_butts, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. Simple question?

    32 years old, previously served for 13 years been out for six months.

    Am I too old to apply to rejoin.
  2. I can’t answer for the regs but if they turn you down you could always join the TA and keep your rank as you’ve only been out 6 months.
  3. No, and especially if you are trade trained you will be welcomed back with open arms.
  4. Thanks for both answers,
  5. Think long and hard before you go back

    I rejoined at 33 and its been a knightmare

    Problems with pay since day one to now (over two years)

    Missing tours,courses,postings etc on unicom

    Promised to keep rank and had to fight for a year to get it back

    Back on a S type with all the fun that brings (hopefully you wont)

    Not saying dont do it! just have eyes wide open
  6. If you were in a trade thats in demand, I can't see how you will have any problems rejoining at all. You've only been out 6 months, thats just like an extended period of leave.

    They would, of course, take the opportunity to cut all of your LSSA accumulation to zero, and force you onto the new pension scheme.

    What I would say, though, is have you given civi street a fair crack of the whip at 6 months out? It takes a while to readjust, usually, after that length of service, even for the most laid back individuals.

    Despite what people say, its a bit of a wrench when you first get out, primarily due to missing the cameraderie for most, but you must have had reasons for leaving in the first place, the last thing you'd want to do is sign back on and all of a sudden remember why you got out.

    I'd say if you are having a rocky patch at 6 months, well, its normal.
  7. G10

    How long were you out for? and do you think that the longer you are out the more of a mess the admin is when you come back?? or is Glasgow a nightmare regardless of time out.


    I take youve rejoined then?, everyone i know who has rejoined have said its the best thing they ever did?

    I was thinking that the Army might be a bit suspicious of someone who applies to rejoin after a short period of time, or do they really care because i suppose once you are back in your in and there is no changing your mind then????
  8. Actually, no. I was on the verge of a rejoin, then decided against it. As it turns out, it was the smart move for me.

    I do know a handful of other people who rejoined within 2 years, and aside from the afore mentioned pension and lssa, it was a case of welcome back and crack on as usual.

    Of course everyone you know who has rejoined says its the best thing they ever did, otherwise they perhaps wouldn't have got back in - or, having got back in, would not want to admit they had made a mistake again.

    There are too many variables as to whether it was "The best thing they ever did". Everyone is different, and it depends on what kind of life you find outside, and how much you miss your old one, amongst many other factors.

    Its completely down to you, and your individual circumstances. All I was saying was that if you are having a rough patch, make sure its not just temporary before you go and jump back in.

  9. I got out nearly 5 years ago and it does take a long time to adjust. I did 13 before I went. Give it a while yet its not that bad once you get used to the freedom of it all. Although I a still go balistic at stupid little things! :D
  10. [quote="SuperTrooper]
    I got out nearly 5 years ago and it does take a long time to adjust. I did 13 before I went. Give it a while yet its not that bad once you get used to the freedom of it all. Although I a still go balistic at stupid little things! :D

    Absolutely. I did 12 before jumping ship. You are bang on about that freedom thing though, and having to get used to it - all of a sudden, having choices sometimes can cause you no end of bother and stress!
  11. no you are not

    i left in 98 after 14 years and then in oct 2001 walked into the carears office ate some humble pie and asked to reenlist

    was welcomed back, rank remained the same, seniority was reenstated, lssa days were carried on from where left off and was on the next promotion board as if i had never left.

    did not have to do any re training, although will admit found the fizz bloody hard to begin with,

    i was 34 at time of reenlisting and is the best thing i have done, still have the odd gripe but hey thats life and im now a instructor at a ATR so hasnt done me any harm being out either

    go for it is all i would say and if it doesnt work out then just sign back off again no harm done.
  12. Thanks for the replies, i think you are right in that its all relative i suppose.

    Thanks for the advice it all helps as some of you know its a bit of a strange time after leaving and i dont think there are many people who have left and never looked back at all, the longer you stay the more of an adjustment it is when you leave.

    vm_in_a_rs_world thanks for the reply about age did you rejoin as a senior ? or from your impression how much of a factor was rejoining age and previous rank. ?

    If you are applying to rejoin when you are over 32 is it better if you are more senior ie a sgt ect.. or does it make any difference??
  13. no re enlisted as a jnco had to do my last military promotion course again, was loaded straight on to my seniors within 3 months of being back in, passed no probs but had to work at it as i was about 6 yrs older than the rest but that can work to your advantage as well in terms of the way you are treated

    as far as age goes when re enlisting i think they are more concerned with your previous record what u have done your trade skills and mil qualifications, i had a couple of instr quals which probably helped and how much residual service u have left as long as that wont take u past 55 then no probs

    go for it i dont think u will regret it
  14. Stay out while you have the chance, if you stay in for a further however many years, it'll just be even harder to cope with civvy street later on.

    I was ejected from green skin after serving 17 years so i had no choice but to adapt to civvy life... but admittedly i have been well lucky on the job front, extremely lucky... had I stayed in I would have got out last year at my 22 year point. and i would have been sh*tting myself, I bumped into a few mates last year all in their last few months before getting out and they were scared big style... if you cant make a go of it now at 32 how do you think you'll feel at 40 or 55 or whatever age you would be when you finally get out.