Am I too old??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Evansbt250, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. hi guys. Some advice wanted if poss, but first, a little story on me. I always wanted to be a soldier and i was refused entry to the regs as I had an unspent criminal conviction (seriously, it wasn't anything serious) and told to come back in a year. I was refused again after waiting a year because I was over weight, still focused on getting in I signed up to REME (TA) as a Recy Mec, I think they over looked the BMI thing a little due to the nature of the specialism. Anyway, I passed my selection and took all the training weekends and awaited my 1 week final training before passing out. Truthfully, my heart wasn't with towing big trucks and realised I wanted to be with the Welsh Guards as a reg, I was swiftly (after 8 months with REME) discharged to go to the regs for selection at Lichfield. again I passed with flying colours (weirdly was a piece of p@*s compared to TA), but disaster struck 2 weeks before I went back to Lichfield for basic training.... I was promoted in my job, which made me earn more money than ever and I met a woman! My naivety and immaturity made me ring the careers office and cancel everything!
    I was with my girlfriend at the time for 8 long years and I had already retrained as a chef, my focus has been money and promotions every since. So, 15 years has moved on since I first joined REME and I'm now 32 and happily married, luckily for me she is very supporting in everything I do, 2 years ago I began training to start playing rugby again and now, I dare say I'm quite fit (I run loads do my fitness training with my rugby club (RFU National 3) which is horrendous) and recently been thinking it would be amazing to return to a TA unit but I'm thinking that I may to too old to fit, I know that I'm within the age limits, but I remember it being quite a young mans game.

    Any advice or anyone in the same boat would be much appreciated

    Thanks guys
  2. At 32 you won't be the eldest recruit.
  3. Go for it mate, and best of luck.
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  4. I can't give a definitive answer however you clealry have a sense of humour which goes a long way! I'll ask some of the DS here and PM back anything useful I get. PM me if you want to know anythnig more and good luck whatever way you play it. Abe.
  5. At last, a definitive source of JPA on Arrse...........
  6. We have a number of blokes here in the same age bracket. I'm not personally acqainted with them however can certainly ask what's what.
  7. Thanks do that mate, maybe I'm not old after all! I'm fitter 10-fold now than when I was when I was younger, il have to look into some units up on Manchester.

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  8. Just to make you feel a little better I was in Afghanistan with a TA soldier from my unit who was 31 years old, he was pretty fit as well, it took the regular unit up until deployment date to ask him how old he was and his platoon commander just couldn't believe a 31 year old could do what his 18 year soldiers struggled to at times.

    Good luck and if you want it that badly you can still do it.
  9. As above with the creature. I'll PM you over next few days with a little feedback. Regards, Bryan.
  10. Don't worry about the age thing. I rejoined the reg's after being a civie for 8years at the age of 34 and did a Afghan tour aged 35. Age = experience

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  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Unlike Brianthemegamoron I can give a definitive answer.

    No, you are not too old, whether by virtue of regulations or even just the usual age range of a recruit into the Army Reserve.

    Caveat - you are pushing the boundaries in terms of UKSF (R) but otherwise all OK.

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  12. Was only trying to help out Duke, so no idea why the abuse. I was only saying we have a fair number of chaps here on the course who are well over the bracket, including one bloke whom I worked with who was 43 and reserve forces. I won't bother next time - OP, you seem to have your answer.
  13. Age should not be an issue. But you are involved in quite high-level sport. You will need to find a way to resolve the time/commitment conflict between this and the TA. Give this some serious thought as it may not be easy. But good luck with it!
  14. Yea I am thinking about that, the commitment for rugby is more than the TA would be, at the moment we train 3 times a week with a further 3-4 days heavy weights, I would swap the rugby for the TA (well I would still train just not as much), the only issue I have is it may be difficult to get the 1 weekend off a month from work, my employers would be supportive to a point!

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