Am I too old to join ?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by asianguy, Aug 19, 2012.

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  1. Hi everybody :)

    First time post.
    I`m 33 years of age and am seriously thinking of joining the TA. I have been researching the army for a year now and I know the cut off age is 43 years but am looking for views from the experienced amongst you if you think 33 is too late to join?

    Also, is there any hostility from regular soldiers towards the part time soldiers? in that they feel the TA soldiers are under trained and not up to the job etc ?

    thanks in advance for the replies
  2. Hahaha!
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  3. No, you can still join the TA at 33. But bear in mind you will get a bit of banter for being the grandad of the new recruits. Shouldn't be a worry as long as you can cut it.

    Good luck.
  4. Did you want to wait until the wars were finished before joining up?
  5. I'm 32, I have just been attested, and cracking on with the job.
  6. Quite right, I am, smack my wrist with a wet lettuce.
  7. I got in at 41 seven years ago. You will have to put up with " Grandpa " banter, it's the Army's way. Not a problem, it's just the way it is. As to Regular Army attitude to the TA, a quick read through ARRSE will get you a pretty good idea of what the Regs think of the TA. That said, I have worked alongside the Regulars on many occasions. If you can do your job well, you will fit right in, if you can't, you're in going to get the flak.
  8. Had several guys with me on my P1 over 30, they beat a lot of the younger guys on the output test. so go for it!
  9. Go for it mate, if your fit you will piss it, just did my Alfa, bravo & cic, I'm 31 and there's nowt better than smashing the young guns, they won't call you grandpa when there licking there blisters better after a 8 mile tab !
  10. Dont worry about being the oldest lad there, as others have said, make sure your'e fit and go with the right attitude. It wont take long for the young'uns to accepg you as a similar age. Oh, take a sense of humour......