Am I Too Old To Join The Reserves ?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by sixty_three, Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. Basically Im 46 relitiverly fit with previous military experiance.

    Will they think Im taking the P*** or would they give me a chance ?

    I would like to go Infantry if possible
  2. Only way to find out is to talk to the unit you're interested in as the CO may have discretionary capacity for those with previous military experience (note the use of "may" there).
  3. I suppose it depends on the individual unit and your own experiance.

    IIRC, RAF Reserves recruited up to 55, although this may have changed.

    Best advice: pick which unit you wish to join, 'phone them and ask.
  4. The limit is 43 years, however, if you have pervious Mil service you can join if over that age, but your duty will cease at the normal retirement age.

    That's the rules BUT the CO will ALWAYS have the last word. There has been a recent case in which an older recruit made in to the RMR, but THAT was isolated and he was an exceptional case.

    I would suggest that Inf is a young man's game, so be prepared to be told to find a non-Combat Arms TA unit.
  5. I beleive the website (hidden away in one of many many menus) Does state that Ex-Services are allowed to join up until the age of 50 (iirc) But as already advised. check with your local unit.
  6. Up to 55 with prior service. APC have the final say, your unit will send up an AFB 203 Special Enlistment Authority for approval.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    TA Regs:

    5.014. Ex-Regular Soldiers. Ex-Regular soldiers who enlist into TA Group A after their 43 rd birthday will be granted a reduced period of engagement to enable them to serve until age 55 or the age specified for their employment in Annex C/5.
  8. I rejoined at 42 (Rifles), pretty much what has been said above plus, on my recent CIC at Catterick, we had a guy who was 46 (PWRR I think). Good luck :)