Am I too old to join? Suitable roles?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Tabman, Nov 18, 2007.

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  1. I'm rapidly approaching 39. I note from the MOD website I'm still able to join the TA as a soldier, but not as an officer. Not much other information on there though!

    I'd be interested in the opinion of the board as to potential roles given:

    - I live in the E Mids
    - I have family commitments
    - I have a reasonably demanding white-collar job
    - I have financial and logistical management experience

    Many thanks.
  2. Why not give Headquarters Royal Logistic Corps TA a ring? They are based in Grantham and have many opportunities open to you. The minimum commitment is 19 days each year (and no weekday evening 'drill nights'). Don't leave it too long - 39 is the cut-off age! The number is 0800 587 6585 and the website is at

    Good luck!
  3. I dont think your work experiance would really be an advantage. TA is doing a job desgined and working with poorly educated youngs people. This is particulary true of squadies but even officers are not exerpianced particulary clever I am guess this is because thinking is not really required. I assume it because there is set systems and procedures that are followed. At your age they not want to waste time training you plus you would have your own ideas which would need untrained or may irratate the runts.
    As for meet in the grinder I dont know may be you they would accept you. You would not get any where in premotion terms i doubt. It sounds more like your are looking for a interlectual management challenge this is not hat the army or TA is about.

    People join techincal cores because they want to play army but lack a killer instintic. There is physicals challanges but your would have to be retarded to be interlectually challenged.
  4. And yet you seemed to have achieved that!

    Tabman - Ignore this "Failed TA c*nt" - his username is seemingly apt. See your local Army Careers Office for more sensible comment.

  5. Ah, he got deleted already! Good...

  6. Hmmm. Strange. When I look the thread before logging in, I can see his post, but after I log in it disappears. But it is still there if I log out again.

    Any (MOD) one able to explain this?

  7. PM on the way.
  8. After reading your other posts, you have been in before. So best advice would be ring round and see what happens. But don't waste any time. Good Luck
  9. Bruce, check PM's
  10. Only in the cadets - lets clear that up now so no walt accusations! :D

    Thanks for the advice.
  11. Sent you a quick pm explaining.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Why all the PM'ing FFS? There may be others out there looking to get their hands dirty, and you are all being really secret squirrel!!

    I'm 36 this year, and wouldn't mind having another crack.

    So, spill the beans!
  13. I think the PMs were for explaining the situation regarding the troll...
  14. Slow today mate.. :p

    I just didn't PM you because I don't fancy you!