Am I too old for TA infantry?

Am 33...keep myself fit and do a lot of running, swimming etc? Not sure what TA unit to join and possibly interested in some full on soldiering for a few years while I still can? Just wondered if at 33 am too old? I know the age limit is up to 43 now, but compared to young whipper snappers in there late teens and early 20's, both in the unit and on exercise with the regs, realistically am I gonna be strugglin to keep up?
Perhaps you should ask the question in a different section?

Have you tried asking in 'Health and Fitness'?
Depends really. I had been in the Army, left and then twelve years later joined a local TA infantry unit. I was 34 when I joined them and stuck it out until I was 40.

I wasn't fit, but you do get some training. However, once I'd turned 40, I realised that my days of running about in the mud were over. As I only wanted to be in the infantry and in that particular county regiment, I jacked it in.

At the time, younger and younger lads were joing the TA and I just couldn't keep up with the 18 to 22 year olds.

Having said all that, if I had my time again then I'd rejoin, but I'm too fat, too old and too lazy.
Rather a platoon of 30 somethings than one of teenagers
Cheers fella's. :wink:
Definitely not too old and definitely worth applying, at 40 I was in Iraq (TA)and due in Afghan 2009 - what you (may) lack in physical stamina, you will overcome with mental strength.

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