Am I too old for a life in the Forces?

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post this enquiry, so apologies if it's not. I was wondering whether anyone on here could give me some advice on joining up. I don't have a particular branch of the Forces in mind, but (probably like a lot of blokes at my age) I've reached a point where being stuck in an office all day and getting high off photocopier ink isn't appealing any more.

The problem is my age. I'm 34, and while I'm fit (yearly marathon runner and triathlete) I don't know whether my age might be too much of a barrier.

Sorry I don't have a more concrete plan - I just wanted to see what people who are actually in the military would think about someone my age joining up.
regular yes, TA - go and speak to a unit which interests you!!!
Yep, go TA - initially as RLC/AGC capbadge etc then get a few strings pulled (fitness/commitment/effort dependent) and transfer into the units' general rank and file.

Certainly possible in the Corps, but I'm not sure about the teeth arms.


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A route in with consideration for ability rather than age is via the RAF Regiment Reserve. they will take up to 50 if you are fit.




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It has to be our Armed Forces?

There is an ARRSE member called hat_mackem. We were ACF together in the early 70s and he came out of RAC Brat School at the same time as I left Catterick when we both joined the same regiment, so I am guessing he is a year or two younger than I. He was a Corporal (IIRC: maybe newly Sergeant) when I transferred out. We have exchanged a handful of messages over the years, firstly on a mutually-attended football website, then recently in the ARRSE RAC forum.

I have long had the impression that he had taken a package under Options For Change and, because he is HAT Mackem and his wife is from Medicine Hat, I assumed that he had simply emigrated back to her homeland.

But earlier this month I discovered that he is in fact a Captain in, I presume, the RCAC and just returned from Afghanistan. He must be about 50. As he put it, they take anybody.

I heard on the Vine (would need to confirm) that they have raised the recruiting age up from 30, as there is a short fall in recruiting levels.

I believe that there is also a raised limit for guys that want to Re-Join who have de-mobbed, 34 I think?

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