Am I thinking my Mrs is weak?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spartan5762, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. I am fully aware of where this is posted, and I am fully aware that some fine individual (unless a civilian or TA, in that case you rate the same as somebody wearing crocs) my dilemma is this:

    My wife bless her, we had an Au pair that was a cunt. I got rid of her and we now have a new one (I am posted away during the week) , I came In earlier and the hired help was saying about she "needs a desk" and then came down and showed my wife the ones she would like in the Argos doorstop.

    Now my fellow 'say now' friends my immediate words would have been a ticket straight to hell and the wife (although very tidy as an AGC chick) would say okay yeah lets do this....blah blah blah.

    Where do I go from here?

    And no the munter wouldn't

    And yes if there is good news I will post pictures of my wife's tits (cheaper than the Spanish cunt)
  2. What the fuck are you drinking?
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  3. Two flagons of strong bow moving onto wife's red wine
  4. I read that 3 times, and still don't have a clue. Did you buy her a desk, or have a threesome?
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  5. Nitromors and Ord_Sgt's piss I reckon.
  6. Did you read the "earlier" bit? Gimme a shout if you need help reading
  7. Off up those apples and pears young man.
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  8. Wasn't aimed at you. But no because I am on the same floor as:

    A the wife
    B. The cunt (although she is very good with the wee Spartans)
    C. I enjoy the odd cider/beer/wine/brasso
  9. Have you tried arm wrestling her? I bet you'd lose, you faggot.

    (Jeez, I go away for 10 mins to have a Cup-a-Soup and do a bit of Tesco Online Shopping, and the world falls apart. Did some bloke just really admit that his wife has got him under the thumb?).
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  10. Fuck me. I thought i would be able to decipher it looking through the optics in the pub I live help here I'm afraid.

    Your aupair wants a desk? No?... If she wants the desk so she can get walloped over it and feel the heavy balls your wife is neglecting slap the back of her her a fucking desk!

    Either way, pics of both the aupairs and your wifes tits so we can make a decision....thems the rules!
  11. For fucks sake snail!!!!

    Only because it's a Friday night and your posting that does not, and I mean does not highlight that your a ............
    A forget it
  12. H3

    H3 LE

    No the wife's the strong one ..... Your the daft sod for agreeing to the hired help in the first place !!
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  13. I may need a translation for this.
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  14. Right to clarify

    Au pair- need desk (think manuel) for Saturday
    Wife-umm okay
    Me- fuck off!
  15. Beddie byes little soldier. Need a story?
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