Am I the right cut for HCR (Blues and Royals)

Discussion in 'Officers' started by rjmconkers, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. Looking for opinions on whether or not im a suitable candidate as a commissioned officer in the HCR specifically the Blues and Royals.

    I have all the ticks in the boxes for going regular in Sept10 and have been awarded an army undergraduate bursary.

    I don't come from money, and really just want to know is this a problem?

    Appreciate all your help
  2. Money does'nt matter.

    Understanding the difference betwen 'weather' and 'whether' does, though.
  3. Or, indeed, how to spell 'between'...
  4. Well spotted. Thank you. I may pay you money. Send me you sort code and account number.........
  5. As mentioned above. I think your original post has already answered the question.

    Unless of course you have ginger hair or can write and sing girly songs!
  6. Sorry to rain on your parade, but if you need to ask ...
  7. Oops . I have just noticed that your thread is titled "the right cut".

    Sorry, my bad!
  8. Haha yes I normally can spell!
    Thanks for pointing that out!

    Yea I see where you're coming from, in years gone by I know it was a factor in determining if a PO was suitable (though I'm sure that was never the official line) but now is it really as big a factor opposed to the quality of the individual?
  9. Yes, it is a huge factor - if the mess you are aspiring to does not want you to be a member of it, you won't be!
  10. The answer lies in a few simple questions, if the answer is yes to ALL of them, then you qualify.

    1. Do u own a Volvo?
    2. Do u own a Horse?
    3. Do you talk like the queen chewing a wasp?
    4. Do u think u r above all the other scum?
    5. Do u have a gun dog?
    6. Do you have bright yellow cords?
  14. Have you visited the HCR (or any other Regiment)?

    Did you like the officers, the atmosphere in the Mess & gain any sort of feeling that you would enjoy living and working alongside them?

    Did you spend time with the soldiers and, again, gain the impression that you would enjoy serving with them?

    I know two sorts of officers who joined the HCR - those with "money" as you put it, and those without. All extremely decent and hard-working.

    Get on a visit.
  15. Well was in the Off Mess there a month ago in Bovvi and was chattin with a lot of newly commissioned troop leaders on their troopies course inc two guys from the blues and royals.

    Honestly they were great blokes as were all the other guys from the different regiments. Speakin to them all together it made the choice even harder as I could see myself living in the mess with any of them.