Am I the only person...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jensen, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. ... who wishes they started basic tomorrow?

    I thought the process would be well faster. I understand completely though and don't have a problem with it, just I'm anxious to get in there. Hope I don't have a couple of months wait between selection and basic like some of you poor bastards haha.
  2. Yes you are Jenson. THE only one...
  3. I pray everyday, hoping that God/Allah/whoever will send me back in time to start basic tomorrow.

    You'll not be thinking that when you do start!
  4. Haha smudge.

    I think what it is, I made the mistake of quitting the day job when I started my army application, thinking it would take about 2 months tops. Will have been 4 months by the time I roll up on the train to Lichfield for selection.
  5. I wish i started basic tomorrow, i still gotta wait for my second interview yet wich is on the 17th i just wanna crack on with selection! then basic!!
  6. why the *@$% did you quit your job jensen?

    just curious much do you get a week on the dole?
  7. That depends on your ethnic background, and how many kids you have!
  8. true!
  9. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I wish I could go back and do my basic too. Those heady days of drill, musketry practice and swod fighting. The sound of the cat as it lashed a miscreant's back, the smell of the porridge which was served for all meals, the taste of the gunpowder as one bit open the cartridge before ramming it down the barrel.
    Ah, halcyon days.
  10. It even says somewhere on the guidance booklet you get for the application, or even on the application itsself, not to quit your job or give notice, until you have a firm offer of employment from the army.

    And most jobs have a months notice period max, usually its a week, especially so if you are weekly paid.
  11. You've quit your job and you haven't even passed selection? What if you get deferred or fail? Being a bit pre-emptive are you not?
  12. same boat here old boy being the naive student i was i quit my job after i passed selection so i could get extra time to train..., applied last november, did selection 20th febuary, got fcuked about medical wise, still waiting, basically just got to get an OK from the top doc and send me my date for basic, got some work in the factories today. :roll:
  13. I wish my bloody basic started tomorrow.
    Due to various things, medical/dental thingumabobs, I'm still waiting to do my ADSC even though I did my BARB in JULY 07 and my 1 day course thing in JANUARY of this year!

  14. I can't wait either.
  15. And there is everybody thinking getting into the Army is easy...