Am I the only one that thinks this post is bigoted

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mark1234, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Yes, the author is just as bigoted as any skinhead

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  2. No, they are completly different.Taz's anger is justified

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  1. A)original post

    B)edited for perspective

  2. Don't understand what angle you are after, mark?
  3. It was part of a very long argument about an attack on Iran.

    I was trying to point out that what Taz wrote is just as offensive to most people as what a racist mong would have wrote about muslims.

    If I am wrong I will apologise to Taz, but personally when i read his post it made me want to beat him to death with his own shoes.
  4. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Personally I think Taz is voicing some of 'the community's' feelings from what he experiences on the ground or by persons from beyond the boundaries of blighty. I imagine its a opinion formed from his listening to 'chatter'. While other people in the thread took it to be a threat, anger, or hatred, I took it to be what it still appears to me. I'd imagine he is relaying opinions he hears often, doesn't mean he wants them to happen, agrees with them, or that they are his. What's the axiom 'don't shoot the messenger'...
  5. mark 1234 it hink you have too read the original post in the context it has been used and both statemenrts have a key phrase.

    In fact I wouldnt be surprised if there were race riots in Europe, thats what a BNP counciler told me he feared most, just the other week.

    In fact I wouldnt be surprised if there were race riots in Europe, thats what a senior cleric told me he feared most, just the other week.

    Perhaps the fact that majority of posters have not jumped on Taz_786 for inciting fcuktard thinking in the thread that its been posted in other than perhaps yourself and may be Lipo but then we who knows where his mind is at other than loopy lala land?

    edited for bolding error :oops: Doh
  6. Halo and nehustan, I do not disagree with the sentinment in taz's post, I think he is right, an attack on Iran would lead to increased terrorist attacks.

    I object to the language used and the fact and I got the impression that Taz secretly wanted it to happen.

    If I said I would would like to see muslims shot in the street that would also be voicing the view of a minourity community would it not (the racist one), I don''t think that makes it any more acceptable to post that as my own words, regardless of my personal feelings.

    Like I said, I will let this poll run and if i am wrong I will offer Taz an apology. I also agree that Lipo is a f**ktard.
  7. Doesn't seem racist to me. Maybe a little over generalised but not overtly racist.

    We would be kidding ourselves if we think a US led attack on Iran wouldn't ramp up support for jihad in certain sections of muslim communities.

    To my eyes, it's no different than expecting an Al Qaeda attack on the US mainland to ramp up US support for the GWOT.

  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought he was saying that by attacking Iran we would just cause more Islamic hatred of the west. If that is what he is saying then he is right. The fundamentals will use it as an arguement to stir up more hatred of the west just as the BNP would use a terrorist attack to stir up more hatred against the Islamic community.
  9. I suppose I was just uncomfortable with someone who aspires to join the royal navy refering to a vast majourity of his future comrades as infidels.

    I think the term infidels is the key, it's used from Taz's perspective, not someone elses, whilst it may be a term taking from the koran to describe an unbeliever, in it's modern context is used as a derogatory term for non-muslims the same was as kuffar is.

    Maybe I need to adjust my anger settings, but this is what p!ssed me off.
  10. As I understand it 'infidels' are what the fundamentals call non-believers, I think that is the point he is making.

    Time of the month Mark?
  11. Keep your hair on baldy :wink:

    That was a joke BTW
  12. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator


    Trying to work out what originally annoyed you. Your additions would wind anyone up but the original text protrays an accurate picture of many peoples thoughts. It certainly doesn't read as a bigot's rant - your text does.

    Why the rather delicate sensitivity you are showing tonight?
  13. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Eh - what :? Key setting please
  14. No I am not a muslim or any religion anymore, the only part of my family that is relegious is my sister in law who is a muslim.

    To a certain extent I agree with you, in that our thoughts can't be policed and what we joke about someone else might find offensive.

    But being described as an infidel, given what it has come to mean, the killing that has been justified by that word is to me a bit off.

    But anyway, I posted this to see if I was being unfair to Taz, and if my anger was misplaced, if I misunderstood him and if everyone else say it as an inciteful commentry of a fundementalist view , I will let the poll run a while and if it turns out I am I will apologise.

    I just had the impression Taz was giving us his own view.
  15. Where are lord flashearts posts going?

    I look like I'm talking to myself.