Am I Student at Staff College?

Apparently, if you're on one of the old Staff Courses - or similar of more than 12 months duration, you can legitamately tell the tax-man you're a Student, based on the fact that you're in full-time education.

Does anyone have any experience of this? Apparently there's a form to be had from the admin office....


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This is from the Revenue and Customs website ( frequently asked questions:

I'm a full time student, why am I paying tax?

All individuals regardless of their age are liable to pay Income Tax if their income exceeds their personal allowance

If you only work during the three holiday periods (Christmas, Easter and Summer) and you estimate that your total income for the tax year will be less than the personal allowance, ask your employer for a form P38(S). Return the completed form to your employer to enable your wages to be paid without deduction of Income Tax.

Completion of this form is not applicable if you are working during term time (e.g. evenings or weekends).

If you're at Staff College it's probably fair to assume that your income will exceed your tax allowances (look at your tax code), and you will still be paying tax on your salary.
Yea right, pigs fly and suicide bombers do not intentionally want to kill people. Whilst in receipt of full time pay from your employer you are not a student and will be taxed as normal. I have never heard of YofS, FofS, tiffy's or anyone on a long course doing this, so therefore someone has fed you some smelly stuff.
I'm sad to state that Adjutant is correct - as long as you study for the MA then you can be considered as being a full time student. This is regardless of the fact that you are being paid by HM. The main bonuses of this are:

1. No council tax (unbelievably).
2. NUS card (even more unbelievably .... )

Not sure if there are any benefits for those people fortunate to be going to overseas staff colleges .....
Bad CO said:
2. NUS card (even more unbelievably .... )
Which gives you substantially reduced green fees on a number of decent golf courses, together with a pile of discounts, some of which relate to products that are less tacky than you might expect :D
Key thing to note is that you must be doing the MA!
Bad CO said:
Key thing to note is that you must be doing the MA!
That certainly applies at Staff College, but it's worth making the point that a number of other courses the Army uses will also meet the requirement: "A student is someone attending a Qualifying Course at a Prescribed Educational Establishment." A number of officer and soldier courses meet the requirement, and students will generally be notified if they qualify. If not, but you think you might qualify, the Council Tax exemption alone makes it worth asking the question, particularly if you're living alone (so you are completely exempt from Council Tax).
also you can get a dicount in scream pubs which for 5iver gets you a card for life its worth 50 odd p a pint.
Bad CO said:
I'm sad to state that Adjutant is correct - as long as you study for the MA then you can be considered as being a full time student. This is regardless of the fact that you are being paid by HM. The main bonuses of this are:

1. No council tax (unbelievably).
Sadly, unless things have changed since last year this is NOT the case. Every year, people turn up asking for the appropriate waiver to be signed, and every year e-mails are sent round by the COS (or one of his chaps) regretfully pointing out that you're not eligible for the Council tax waiver. I forget the precise reason for this, but I'm sure an e-mail will be doing the rounds before the end of September explaining why unless the situation has changed (just as one going to all staff telling us not to sign the forms will be appearing at the same time).

This has happened every year since we opened shop at Shrivenham....

Bad CO said:
2. NUS card (even more unbelievably .... )
This *is* true, if you're doing the MA. If you're accepted for the MA, you become a student of KCL - logically enough, since you're enrolled on a University of London degree. Unlike the Council Tax people, KCL doesn't differentiate between ACSC students and others. As far as the college is concerned, you're registered on a KCL degree and *have* to have the same benefits as all other KCL students. The card you get serves as a KCL ID card to get you into the buildings in London should you go there for any reason as well as the NUS card. There are a couple of other things you're entitled to if you're an MA student (nothing particularly exciting, though), details of which are provided at the start of the ACSC.
Does that include student loans as well? LOL.
Does this mean that all those poor souls on ICSC, who take up the very generous offer of the Modular Masters Programme, get an NUS card every year for the rest of their career as they complete their degree?

That's a lot of cheap cinema tickets and visits to Pizza Hut!
if your other half is a bit of a habitat fan NUS gets you 10% off there as well
Although I'm not of that ilk, the RSIGNALS Foreman of Signals course is residential for approx two years at Blandford and they get a BSc (Hons) from (I think) Bournemouth or Portsmouth University. Surely they must be entitled to the same benefits?


Sorry, could not resist. In order to answer the question 'Am I a Student at Staff College?' you should:

Look around. If you are surrounded by smug RAF aircrew, dull RAF engineers, boozed up Sailors and fed up Army officers, all sat immobile in a four hundred seat auditorium listening to someone bang on about how great the course will be, then the answer is probably yes. If a fair smattering of those you sit near are officers from friendly regimes who are suffering shock of capture the answer is almost certainly yes. If you sometimes sit in a syndicate room with at least one thruster who has read the Clash of Civilizations and The Shield of Achilles then the answer is definitely yes.

if you are sat anywhere else, the answer is no.
Baghdad-Brit said:
Does that include student loans as well? LOL.
You can't get a loan for an MSc. But I think you can get a student B/A (interest free overdraft), and then change it to a graduate account afterwards (100% mortgage and interest free overdraft for five years).
HarrogateSeptember2006 said:
sorry to sound stupid but i am goin to the Army Foundation Collge in spetember and as i will be getting NVQ's at an Adult learning centre, do you think i could wangle a NUS card? Any replies welcome. Thanks HS2006
Adult learning centre? Might I suggest a year or two at your local Early Learning Centre first?


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If you attended the MA/MSc/MDA at RMCS/DCMT, which is a campus of Cranfield Uni, you were a full-time student and supposedly eligible (I know people who have successfully claimed). Study at JSCSC/KCL doesn't count however as it is a full-time military course with part-time academic stuff fitted in.

For those living in N Wilts, though, the council will not reduce your council tax if the course is undertaken at a military training establishment as we are earning salaries, but I'm about to attempt it anyway as I don't believe that the law specifies income as being relevant.

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