Am I selfish?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by fnel88, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. So i've been in the application process since 24th march last year, I completed selection in september and passed with a B grade. Since then I've built myself up to 12 mile runs and running just over 7 minute miles. I thought I injured my knee and so had to have an MRI which thank goodness came back negative so I told my careers advisor and he told me I was fine and didnt need to worry about. Anyway Ive grafted to get my press ups, sit ups and 1.5 mile run time down.

    My girlfriend is saying now that she doesnt want me to join up until I get a trade which will take 2 years and 22 months to become fully qualified (ill be about 25 by that point). What I want opinions on is am I selfish for saying that I dont want to wait that amount of time to join up and that im not budging from getting to catterick this year (as my staff sargeant told me my date will be in October/november).

    Cheers lads.
  2. Crack on and join up. Don't worry about your missus. She'll be well , er, looked after
  3. You can't live your life by someone elses standards, do what your gut tells you to do. You're the one who has to live with it. If she stands by you, all well and good...if not, she probably wasn't cut out to be an Army missus! Harsh? Maybe, but also true!
  4. Girlfriends are ten a penny, do what you want. You'll be beating them off with a shitty stick once you're in.
  5. Stay with your missus, get married then settle down into a life of what may have been.

    Let it gnaw away at you for a decade or so until the hate and resentment becomes so unbearable, every time the witch speaks (it will sound like an ear splitting squall) you will get bile in your mouth and hate her very existence.

    Or so I have been told :D
  6. See its like I said im sticking by my decsion at the end of the day its like has been said I'd regret it and then probably feel resentment against her for it, which would be perfetict in its own right.

  7. Now THAT was funny. :D

    And true. :cry:
  8. i didn't go to Uni because i was put into a guilt trip by a bird a long time ago, regret not going ever since.. ten years after we split the girl is an obese munter that is a stain on my dating sheet..
  9. Good lad, she'll bin you and go to one of your waste of space mates, get knocked up and spend the rest of her life in misery. You on the other hand will go home one day magnificent in your manhood, girls will swoon and other men envy you. You will have done something with your life.
  10. Her point of argument was that I could stay out here and get a trade and start a buisness and become wealthy, because shes quite wealthy herself, I just tried to explain to her that not many consider the army as a place to get rich and that my reasons for joining isnt for the wage but rather the experience...........that doesnt wash at all. :D
  11. Gotta live life for yourself. As someone mentioned; and I don't want to jynx you as you obviously care about this girl hence your question, but you may agree to stay and she could leave you next week! Worth the risk?
  12. orite.... gay

    are you trying to turn arrse into Trisha??
  13. I have a girlfriend who sounds quite similar to yours (you aren't in Hampshire are you - not keen on sharing !)

    She is VERY well paid. I am not. I am TA but her attitude is similar, i.e. "Get away from a uniform and that sort of life, get a well paid job, whether for yourself or for someone and live the easy life."

    If that is what she wants in life - good luck to her. You seem to be suggesting that it is not what you want. The word "Incompatible" comes to mind.

    Harsh but accurate I fear.

    Alternatively, bear in mind that there are some very successful businessmen who started out in the ranks. Royal Signals types get transferable skills and can, if you choose your "green" trade well, get a good return.
  14. Know I understand what you mean isnt worth the risk just yet. Gay :D cheers for that .
  15. No prob's x