Am I seeing things in the Divinci Code - A Corps Tie?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Scam12_Jedi, May 26, 2006.

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  1. I think my eyes are playing tricks on me. :?

    I went to see The Divinci Code yesterday and think that the character played by Sir Ian McClellan is sporting a Royal Signals Corps tie for about half the film. Its clearly got a light blue stripe in it but because the big screen was a bit fuzzy I couldn't distinguish the dark green and dark blue stripes. Its a bit clearer when the characters are moving between the Templar Chapel and Westminster Abbey but I'm still not 100%. Of course I could be wrong and will send out for humble pie and get my coat if necessary :oops:

    Here's a thought. Has the corps tie sneaked into any other films, war/military films excepted?

    This should probably be in the Films forum but is kind of relevant (-ish) here too. MODS please shift it if so.
  2. Captain Peacock was Signals; he wore a Corps tie and it was mentioned once by Mrs Slocombe. I know it was a TV series but they did do an 'Are You Being Served' film.
  3. We can't have everything I suppose
  4. sorry to disappoint you all but I think thats an old Etonian's tie, easily mistakable in poor light.
  5. Oh no he wasn't. He was Royal Army Service Corps - the fore-runner of RCT and RLC with bits of RAOC chucked in for good measure. The joke was that obviously such a large corps produced many, many wartime officers but by virtue of their logistic calling they were not quite "proper gentlemen" - hence Captain P's overly protective approach to his dignity. This was brought out in one episode when the care-taker (Arthur English I think) turned up with his gongs on and was revealed to be a bona fide war hero despite having no such pretensions.

    The regimental tie worn by the Captain was navy with white and yellow stripes.

    God I am a sad b'tard!
  6. How do you delete this stuff...aaagh!!! :eek:
  7. Sorry but no he didn't. He wore the blue, white and yellow stripes of the RASC. The joke was that as so many, many officers were required in the prototypical really large corps, then RASC officers weren't "real gentlemen". Peacock's airs and graces and retention of the rank and title were therefore quite a sly social dig a la Captain Mainwaring. This was further re-inforced in another episdoe where the caretaker turned up dressed for HIS regimental reunion festooned with real gongs, underlining the classist points made by the show's creators during the Wilsonian seventies.

    There is probably a Sociology degree in it for the right person but I feel I have done my sad b'tard bit!
  8. Well not strictly the tie but I have seen a Jimmy Statue pop up in a few times, Bad Boys is one mention of this, were they enterer the house of the murdered architect Jimmy is sat on the desk.