Am i right? Is this moral?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by edd1989, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. I'm a student in college (yes I expect abuse) and I recently learnt that a very good friend of mine (female) who I have been trying to get into her panty’s for rather a long time (complicated story, has nothing to do with my ugly face and repellent personality, mainly to do with her 2 year old bf who she broke up with 2 weeks ago, he broke up with her) took an ecstacy (not sure if it is spelt with an s or a c there) pill when she was out.

    She said she had a good time and is going to do it again.
    I am very strongly against drugs and do not wish her to take them. I have already sat her down and explained the risks and my view etc etc. She listened but didn't want to know. She still intends to use them.
    I then told her that I don't want to be associated with drugs and/or the people who use them. She got fcuked off and stormed out. Also saying “she wished she never told me”, in all fairness she did decide to confide in me. But more out of a boasting way rather than regret.
    I have known her over a year and care about her greatly and don't want to see her get hurt. But I do not want to be anywhere near people who use drugs since their farking stupid.

    Basically did I do the right thing there? It was only about an hour ago and I expect to hear from her at some point over the weekend failing that Monday (in the same class).

    Just advice would be gold dust.


    P.s sorry about the amount of bloody brackets I used.
  2. 2 year old boyfriend?? is that legal? how old is she? more to the point, how old are you?
  3. go for the sympathy shag angle mate
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Although I've never tried it e is supposed to be great and there is no, as far as I know, evidence of long term damage. The odd person has died from it but there are far more deaths from alcohol. Not saying I condone it but its statistically unlikely to cause her any problems.

    So let her do it and give her the good news when she's high, she'll remember you as a love god :D
  5. Be a friend to her. When her world comes crumbling down she'll need you. Sometimes silent judgement can be more effective than preaching. Telling her it's up to her, she's an adult free to make her own choice etc can make her think and usually extracts desired feelings of guilt (emotional blackmailer? moi?)

    There's not much you can do other wise, if she's chosen that course of action. If she's just been dumped she's probably looking for a quick fix to make herself feel better. At that age, some girls jump into the sack with next available fella, some sit in their room drinking whiskey, others go out clubbing and drink or drug themselves stupid. Sometimes people just have to learn the hard way.

    A friend of mine experimented with Es. He was diabetic and it was a serious risk, but he enjoyed it so much he likes to 'treat' himself 3-4 times a year. If I ever went out with him I wouldn't touch the stuff, and would probably go home if I saw him take it to show my disgust, but it wouldn't stop me being there for him if it all went in the toilet as a result.
  6. What's her Mum like?

    'Brackets' is a common term, impress your peers by using the term 'in parenthesis'
  7. She is an adult and free to make her own choices. You do not have any right to control what she does.

    Let her live her life as she chooses. Lecturing her is unlikely either to persuade her to change her mind or to increase her respect and/or liking for you.

    If you do not wish to associate with her as a result of drug use, that's up to you. If you are able to like and respect her for who she is, despite the personal choices she makes, then she will value her friendship with you the more for it.

    If underneath it all you're not bothered and just want a shag, then why are you bleating on about all this anyway?
  8. Let her crack on fella. Whilst she's dancing on the ceiling and bouncing off the walls, she's going to be loved up. Excellent chance to get into her pants.
  9. As long as she isn't trying to push them on you and your not stupid enough to try them yourself, then let her find out for herself. If you just come out with the moralistic "don't do it becuase its bad" then she isn't going to thank you, she already knows that. Have you thought about why she wants to do it? What is she kicking back at in her life? And don't forget, drugs are initially fun, thats why people do them and go back to them. Thats why we all drink and smoke, You wake up with a hangover and coughing, but when your drunk and on a nicotine high, its great!. yet we don't see them as drugs because they are legal.

    You can be a better friend by getting off your high horse and give your friend the help she is crying out for!
  10. Dump her - she is a druggie loser
  11. softee softee catchee monkey

    stay pals and keep hanging out. sooner or later she'll realise that you are way more fit and together than her loser druggy pals who will be unwashed, flabby and always a couple of Es below par
  12. Howdo edd1989,

    Despite the fact that you clearly care for this girl (well, would like to conduct extensive explorations in the Land of Her Pants...), the fact remains that she is someone who likes to take drugs, and has told you she intends to keep on doing so despite knowing your views on the matter. Therefore, not alone does she not have respect for you, but she plainly has no respect for herself and is clearly lacking in basic moral decency. In this respect your feelings for her are not reciprocated.

    Save yourself a lot of future heartache and an almighty pain in the neck by having nothing more to do with her.

    Where a person stands on drug taking is probably the simplest means of determining whether you should wish to have anything to do with them whatsoever.

  13. She may be having a stress on you at the moment because you being a true friend have been totally honest with her .
    You have told her you are totally against drugs and it is your choice to think in this way .
    Just walk away ,if she don't want to bother with you that's her loss
    i bet in a couple of months she will come running back to you and want your friendship again
    the thing is you can lead a person to water but you cant make them drink it .
    I know it hard and you think a lot of the lady but you have to be cruel to be kind
  14. Maybe when's she gets 'high' she also gets horny?

    By all means express your personal view on things, drugs or otherwise, but unless there is a direct impact on others (ie, she wants to drive a car or sell it to kids) I would advise you against forcing your view point onto others - that is in itself an ugly path to walk; starts with a happy pill and ends in Christian Crusades and Islamic Jihad. Okay, taking that a bit far.

    Would you be happier if she was dowing 20 shots of Vodka? After all, alcohol is legal? Anyway, there are far worse things in this world than happy pills. Most of the people I knew at college that 'experimented' got the rebellion/self loathing (or whatever it is that drives people to take mind altering chemicals) out of there system quickly enough and returned to normal quite quickly. Sounds like a phase.
  15. You did well to advise her and you are clearly a good friend so good on you ; ). It was a little unfair of you though to use the termination of your friendship as a weapon to threaten her into not using them.

    Slight tangent, I watched a documentary a few years ago about a guy who was almost completely immobilised by MS. When he took 'e' he could literally do cartwheels. Was amzing to see.