am i ready for adsc pirbright? please check and quote thanks

i'm going for infantry,ive been running 1.5 mile fine but last couple of days i can even run a mile i get burned out so quick,when i was running 1.5 mile my last time was 11 min bang on which is good enough for infantry. my question is am i ready for selection or should i still tweek until i can do 1.5 mile properly? or will i be ok on the day? with the others find someone who has a previous good time running 1.5 mile and just stay up with him. thanks
11 Mins on a 1.5 Mile isnt brilliant, but it should get you through to be honest, But if I was in your position I would make sure that I can do the 1.5 Mile every time without stopping. Remember though on the day you will be alot more pumped up so you really should be able to pump yourself!

Hope this helps!
I was having the same trouble as you - I could barely run a mile before I had to stop. Doing 1.5 became a breeze after I upped my fluid intake, however. So your issue might be dehydration. Make sure you get at least 6 glasses of water a day, and drink one an hour before you go running. Also, don't overwork yourself; make sure you're getting a rest day in between your running days. Best of luck.

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