Am I owed LSA days?

When I left the Army in 2006 I had 580 odd LSSA days. I re-enlisted 18 months ago and my LSA days started at 0. I am confused as my pay went back to what it was when I left. My days for my accumalated service havent changed. I have tried asking if my days can be put back on so when I am away I get paid at the right rate. If this was the case would I be entitled to get back pay on the daily rate from a tour last year?
I have tried my admin office, coy clerk and anybodyelse who will listen but have got no answer.
Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
I know of a guy in a similar situation to you who went outside and rejoined the RN. You need to raise a call with JPAC but the onus will be on to provide proof of your prevous LSSA days. The guy I know did this by producing a pay statement from just before he left the mob-that was sufficient evidence for JPAC/the admin wallahs.

As for the backpay? Fcuk knows-I'm sure Paywog or Slug will be along in a bit to help (hinder in Slug's case ;) )!
Excellent question, Im in the same situation.

When I left regular service I had 1221 LSA days, which became 0 when I joined the TA. With a break of service of 8 months (I'm a crap civvy!), I'm back on my old rate of pay, and have jobbed off the pay wallahs to investigate... Waiting for a while now. Any gen info much appreciated.

From JSP 752:


05.0123. Re-entering the Services After a Break not Exceeding 4 Years. Service personnel re-entering the Services after a break not exceeding 4 years may count former QS for the purpose of LSA eligibility. QS accrued under former separation terms (Longer Separated Service Allowance/ Longer Service at Sea Bonus (LSSA/LSSB)) may also be counted at the rate of one LSA day for each LSSA day and 219 days LSA for every 365 days LSSB. Any LSA earned by Reserve personnel whilst on regular engagements should count towards their entitlement as a Reserve Service person and vice versa, provided that there has not been a break in Service in excess of 4 years.

A call to JPAC should be your first port of call as per previous posts, as for back pay, once the days have been adjusted this should be picked up on the next "retro Run" as long as the action is backdated to the date you re joined (known as date tracking) if this doesn't happen your HR staff will need to raise an iSupport to get your backdated cash - this will need to be done by one of your nominated unit HR peopl.


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