Am I out of order ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wellyhead, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. Anyway, I was chatting to the missus about my oldest class at chool as I had noticed that there was a number of disabled kids, one, a girl, with spinabiffida (sp) which means she has to lumber around with a foot brace on and has a ginormus forehead and a lad with downs, who of course has his own entertainment value.

    Well I asked if it was normal to have 2 disabled kid in one class like that or was it unusual.

    "Oh very normal for the school," she replied beaming, "in fact the school has a very good rep with disabled children, many send them there from outside the catchment area"

    "Oh," I replied, "well then, wouldn't it make sense to put them in one class instead spreading them across the whole school ? I mean that way they are contained and of course you can sell tickets for people come and see them, earn a bit of money for the school, be better than one of those poncey craft fairs"

    Strangely that didn't go down to well, I mean the parents association calims they want us to be creative in fund raising and that. Oh well best keep my second plan on making the rather hot looking TAs (thats Teaching Assistants guys) put on a "show" at lunch time for a bit of exec relief in the common room on ice then
  3. Totally out of order - please crack on.
  4. You're a bad man and you're going to hell.
  5. I guess I'll see you there then.
  6. Two in the stalls for the TAs show, please.
  7. If you want to actually help the PTA, why not offer to sell them those removable PVC lenses that motorcyclists and racing car drivers wear on their helmets during races?

    You'd have to get bigger ones for those big windows, but it'd be worth it.
  8. Seems like a good idea!
    good advertising is whats needed! you need a catchy slogan,
    What you also need to do is prepeare a presentation for the missus, containing space requirements for observation areas, also the cost of entry and the cost of advertising, remember you need to be producing a profit for the idea to have any merit
    You could sell jelly babies for the crowds to throw in and watch the carnage!
    Mate the school would make a shed load of money!

    You could call it the moonhead fundraiser
    or feed a swede for a pound!

    loads more im sure!

  9. Lmao i'd love to see a cabbage patch kid fundraiser like that :plotting:
  10. You could do another fundraising event that would test the mettle of the PTA.

    Get a load of koso's in and mix them up with the dribblers.

    The PTA members would pay per go to choose the individual that they thought was not a Mlaar and release him.

    The member would have a sticky sweet stuck to his forehead to find out for sure if he had chosen correctly.
  11. Please stick a sticky sweet on my member, big boy.