Am I not allowed to post on here???

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ex-sapper, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. Dear Moderators,

    Why is it that you allow threads on wanking, on whether you should f..k an asian women, blow jobs, and threads about muslims getting angry and burning flags including talk about gang rape and topping daughters.....

    I post a a story from a NZ news paper about Muslims boycotting NZ meat in British schools.. within 5 mins of me posting it it has been trashed... I commented on the on which way do they face when they kill their daughters, as has been mentioned in the other long running 11 page post.... You mods certainly have an odd way of moderating....

    7P mate...7P.... :D mk
  2. I can't see it, I'm on line to an Aussy mate and he can't see it either, I thought it had been removed.. I can't see it on page one or two. How very odd.
  3. Its definitely there, I've just read it.
  4. a) you're currently in the wrong forum
    b) your thread's thriving & i've even posted on it myself :D
  5. I feel a bit silly, but I posted in the naafy bar..correct??? and I am posting this in the same forum right????
    I have viewed the link and see it there. Tell me what threads are before and after it... sorry I know I'm a plonka...
  6. Can see it fine, its going great guns
  7. Not being you, I have no idea where you originally posted it so can't tell you whether or not you're correct on that score, but it's currently in the Int Cell thread, as linked to above.
  8. It's in Forum Index > > The Intelligence Cell (rumour, chat and news) HERE
  9. Being as though you're in NZ are you looking at it upside down?
  10. Maybe he's airborne and landed on his head a few too many times... :D
  11. haha yeah I think it is because I'm upside down.... :?
    I haven't been into the Intelligence Cell forum... so I don't know why it ended up there, and as you can see I have no right to be in the forum of intelligence.... :roll: oh well... :oops:
  12. :oops: :D
  13. Board fairy must have moved it.

    Once you get to S on your keyboard you may wish to add 'orry to the mods' at some point in one of your posts !!
  14. That explains it all then :D