Am I missing something? Should I feel pissed off?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Jameshq, Oct 25, 2008.

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  1. I am 27 and I applied to be an officer back in December 2007 and a couple of months later I got a letter telling me that The Colonel was looking forward to seeing me and had me booked in for an interview in August, ok 8 months for an interview I understand it takes a while to join the army. I got a phone call from his secretary in July asking me if I could attend the interview in a couple of days at another AFCO to which I agreed. Anyway I was a bit disappointed that it was really just a chat and why it would take so long for me to have a chat. My briefing was booked for November on the spot.

    I tried to call and email The Colonel about some regimental visits but he never returned them or replied. I still have not spoken to him yet. So I tried to take it into my own hands and called a few regiments who told me that it was really a simple process but my AFCO had to release my file. Eventually I got through to his secretary who asked what regiments I would like to visit, I gave her the name of 3 regiments/corps.

    I got a call from Westbury asking if I could attend the briefing early because someone has dropped out. So when I arrive every single person in my group applied about 5 months after me and all of them had been on at least one regimental visit.

    I got cat 1 and hoping to make January intake I called The Colonel but got the secretary again, who told me he would send the papers shortly and I could only speak to him after that, I asked about regimental visits again and she said that she couldn’t check on the computer if The Colonel had requested any because he was out.

    So most people got their papers within a week and were booked on Main boards, but I am still waiting for my papers to arrive more than a month later. I know January is almost impossible now. I have not once spoken to my sponsor once and no regimental visits at all. Now if I get in to Sandhurst for May I’ll be almost 29 with no sponsor.

    Should I feel right to be pissed off? 18months compared to 6 to other people doesn’t seem fair at all.
  2. Ouch, that does seem a bit long. I don't think there's any point fretting over it any more than you have done already. Use the time you've got now to find yourself a sponsor and get to where you want to go!
  3. I tryed to use the careers phone lines to get the applications moving and had the same thing. I was a little more direct (E.g. i was pissed off) after that, i just drove upto the Colonels office and asked to see him or his secretary....problem solved.
    Otherwise yea i'm with you, the phone lines and e-mail system are a bit of a joke. Maybe due to being staffed by people only temporarily around?
  4. James in the time you have available to you I would suggest you consider most carefully your attitude and demeanor, there are certain character traits one looks for in an Officer and your present tack of acting like a petulant infant would not endear you to any of the gentlemen you are intending to impress.

    Perhaps you may reflect that this may well be the reason why some of your contemporaries have been interviewed before you.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Given that the army has been unable to fill all the slots at Sandhurst for a number of years now, I would respectfully suggest that they might want to look carefully at how they treat their future employees.

  6. Moderator, I am not in any doubt as to James' enthusiasm and desire for his future position, all I was mearly wishing to point out is the rather tiresome rhetoric in his post would strike me as infantile should he display that impression in my presence.

    Your arguement that we are not fulfilling quotas is a sad reflection in the falling standards that blight British society today. Surely half a dozen good men and true would more than outweigh the 'number-crunching' that would result in a full course of a dozen unsuitable candidates.

    I'm sure that James' frustration at what he percieves to be a 'slight' is what is at the root of this, hopefully, temporary loss of demeanor and I wish him well in his application.
  7. Given that I have never even spoken to the Colonel, I find this statement is a little off. The contact I have had, the interview and the briefing has only been positive, I would expect consistency and equal treatment to other candidates.
  8. Rubbish. Having to wait 18 months is ridiculous. The guy is in his late twenties for heaven's sake; I'd be bloody petulant!

    Pi$$ poor admin, bordering on insulting.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Are you a crusty old major, or merely aspiring to become one?
  10. James, as I am not acquainted with the exact details of your case I can only comment on the style and content of your post. I am sure that you are a well-educated and excellent candidate, but on reading your comments, it does rather annoy one to see your continued use of parenthesis. On reading it gives one the impression of some yob, youth culture double fingered gesture, denoting the use of parenthesis in speech.

    I applaud your commitment to continue your application and trust that you are not kept waiting any longer than is necesssary and I fully appreciate your frustration, but just remember that sometimes what is honestly meant as assertiveness can be construed as aggression.

    I trust that in your case it has mearly been a simple matter that you have 'slipped between the cracks' and in a few months you will be regailing us with tales of your training and this will just be a minor 'blip' in a long and successful career.

    Good luck James
  11. I just read it back to myself, point taken. Well as soon as my papers are submitted, I'll give Westbury a call to see if there are any cancellations.
  12. Dr-Evil, I sincerely hope your pompous old fart act is a wind up.

    He seems to be aspiring to be Caubeen.
  13. *snigger
  14. You are an arse sir, and you cannot even spell.

    My sympathies are with the applicant - maybe try a different Unit? Your perseverance does you credit and does not go unnoticed.
  15. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Spill the beans - which Regt?