AM I mad?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by robeekay03, May 28, 2005.

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  1. Hi. I was in the colours all of twenty yrs ago and, now reaching the ripe old age of 37, was wondering/tinkering about anyway back in for a final 3 yr it possible or shud i just keep re watching me apocalypse now vids??????
  2. Nor for very long I take it?
  3. ROBK,

    Face it you're a walt now. Trade your Apocalypse Now video for a Blackhawk Down DVD and you might decide that you're past it. Alternatively you could take up paint balling or military modelling (although you probably do those already) or consider joining the TA!

  4. Give it a go. My mate went back at 36 he's now a full screw within 16 Air Assault brigade. He got in on a Special Enlistment. It depends on your previous service and skills, talk to your local ACIO. They will give you more info. Good Luck.
  5. cheers for the info boys..acio mtg set up for next week...

    as for previous...nothing major....junior leaders then royal anglian regt....they did want me to do the officer thing but end of 3 yrs felt i was more juvenile than when i went in so i politely declined!!!!