Am I losing the plot here?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Dog_Egg_Farmer, Apr 3, 2008.

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  1. I was under the impression that the Aviation threads were dedicated to the glorious Air Corps. If so why are there only one or two topics related to the corps and the rest are Crab/Navy orientated?

    I'm all for the Tri-Service thing but this is the ARMY rumour service.

    Or are all the Corps members dwindling so much that we need input from the other services to keep the threads full?

  2. Do you want my opinion? :D
  3. It is because the rest of us live in a tri-service, multi-platform world while you pump fuel into Apache and swear at TSW if they come near it with their superior training and multi-airframe rotors turning skill.
  4. Eh? I must clearly be lacking in the old IQ department as I'm sure that didn't answer my question in the slightest.

    A couple of things though!

    Firstly, I haven't the pleasure of attending the AH groundie cse myself, however I do believe that the lads and lasses that refuel the AH aren't your average shell attendant. The AH is ever so slightly more technical than our prev aircraft. So if they are somewhat pretentious when you approach with your greasy mits don't be offended when they tell you to do one.

    Secondly whats a multi-airframe?

    By the way, I didn't start this thread to slate anyone, just wondered what RAF and NAVY were doing in the ARMY rumour service (I've put the key word in Bold and underlined it for you, I know that you TSW types get easily confused, what with your SUPERIOR TRAINING an all)
  5. Similar thing happens in all the threads; often with posts that bear no relation to the service.

    Prime Example
  6. Yeah! What are you doing in here you ATO barsteward? :lol:
  7. In short, yes :D

    (In the same way as the other services have large inputs of ex-AAC to keep their squadrons full)

    And the FAA forum on Rumration is mainly FW carrier chat, when they're not discussing engineering issues :(

    Pprune is a bitch-fest full of whinging crabs, I won't even mention E-goat :roll:

    The Corps may be dwindling, but still full of funny f*ckers :)
  8. Seriously? I joined ARRSE (and subsequently Rum Ration) to get a better feeling for the perspectives of your Service. I genuinely think that having an overview like that can assist when working in a Joint environment. Similarly, when individuals come out with uninformed rubbish on my Service, I'll attempt to educate them.

    PPRUNE is 95% cr@p and 5% informed debate; the big difference seems to be there are more wannabes there than on the dedicated Service sites. I looked at EGoat once but think it's dreadful.

  9. Deleted due to double post? see below............................
  10. The corporate answer is that we like to promote the Air Land Interface as much as possible. Leads to a greater understanding of each others needs etc.................

    The real reason is that it gives us the opportunity to take the piss out of the few crabs that lurk on here. :wink:

    I'm talking about you MM and that old duffer b_s along with the rest of your brylcreem encrusted chums :lol:
  11. In the absence of an "Air" forum, "Aviation" is the obvious place to discuss flying things....

    Do we really need two new forums - "Air Power" and "Sea Power"?

  12. Its actually the 'Aviation' forum so not exclusive to AAC.

    \ˌā-vē-ˈā-shən, ˌa-\
    Function: noun
    Usage: often attributive
    Etymology: French, from Latin avis
    Date: 1866

    1 : the operation of heavier-than-air aircraft
    2 : military airplanes
    3 : airplane manufacture, development, and design

    And to answer your second question. Yes. Most of the AAC are disappearing to civvy strasse/RAF/RN. You wouldn't want to be the last on the ship before it completely sinks would you?
  13. To me its the sense of camraderie that we Aviators have and have had since the heady days of WW1 where ungentlemany acts were often fround upon.

    To be an Aviator one must firstly be a gentleman and therefore I am happy to share my pot of tea with any other Aviator be he or she RAF or RN.

    I welcome both the other services input in our forum, for the only folk in here that are to be bitched at are the RAF police, for they are often guilty of ungentlemany behaviour.
  14. Moderators I blame the standard of Moderation but then thats on all of arrse.
    To many serving folk know to the Hierarchy.
    And I think they made themselves known.