Am i likely to be rejected??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Sirtrev, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    I have recently passed barb test and saw my doc yesterday in order to get forms filled in. I had not given it much thought but turns out i had told doc i had used canabis recreationally in the past yet not for many months as not for me. He has to add that to the form as drug abuse. Also i have seen a councillor before for being down (very long hours in sales job and no deals coupled with brother od). have never taken anti depressants and saw it more as guidance than a mental health issue.

    if it does stop me from getting accepted how can i appeal and do i get a chance to make my case in person? im sane and fit and this is the only thing i want to do.

    its almost as if doc dont want me to join and is punishing me for being honest.
  2. Well the Army will kick you out for taking drugs, but as far as I know won't turn you away for having done them in Civvy street (As long as you're not still on them). As for the counselling thing, the only people who can tell you are the people at the careers office. Good luck.
  3. Thanks !!!

    i know drugs are for idiots and not an issue never doing them again. fingers crossed the councilling wont be a problem. just wish id called samaratans instead :)
  4. get cracking, tell em it was in the past, don't do it again, cheer the feck up

    bon chance!
  5. Oh dont worry im going for it and will challenge my docs assesment should i not get in and told him as much.

    if im too crazy to join then the world is in large style trouble.

    picking the form up friday handing it in too recruiter monday then praying to various gods and sacrificing small animals while i wait for an answer.
  6. I wouldn't tell them you are doing that, that probably would get you rejected, telling them you believe in Gods and all......
  7. what about the sacrificing of animals part???? do you think that would be a no no?? be a shame, next doors cat and the goldfish were bang in trouble for a minute there.
  8. Right STFU and come back when you've got your training dates or need press up advice
  9. nah i told the medic at my selection that i smoked dope before and she said thats fine as long as i dont smoke it now.

    As far as the feeling down thing, i think they will be able to tell your a happy chappy now lol and as long as you never tried to take you own life...cos would you want to be in afgan fighting with someone who isnt stable?

    8) you will be fine as far as i know.