Am I just soo partisan?

I lost it this afternoon.

In my local, almost enjoying the rugby, Italy taking the French to the cleaners but the ref took the easy way out and awarded the "French" the benefit of the doubt. I really felt that the game was spoilt by the ENGLISH ref that it at times was a farce.

Not a problem thinks I, England V Scotland, great game in the offing lots of beer, surrounded by rugby fans of all denominations, great afternoon (no fcucking football). Only to learn that the ref is an Irishman. Not a problem thinks I, good to have a northern hemisphere ref at last. Innocent I know but that be as it may.

Game progresses and I start to question the parental background of the ref, not quietly I must add but I’m in and English pub. Only to find that the local IRA supporter thinks that every decision is a correct and ultimately irrevocable statement of the truth, as the game progresses I am tending towards the feeling that England is being stitched up and are paying against 16 blokes.

OK we lost, and I mean we lost. But I am of the strong feeling that it would be nice to play on the same ground once in a while as every other fcuker. By the time the final whistle blew, this “chap” (fcucking paddy) had been irritating me beyond all common sense. AND I LOST IT. Game over, I’ll have a word – I forced him to sit and listen to an Englishman for once in his miserable life without recourse to the PC brigade, Thinking it was over I let go and turned away only to find that no matter how politely or impolitely things are put the stupid person he didn’t understand.

I did not resort to violence but IF someone hadn’t pulled me off I would be in the local nick on a minimum charge of ABH, if not something more severe.

I feel, right or wrong, that I can no longer return to my local because I really, really wanted to stop the sh1t once and for all. I’m an ex sqaddie, proud to be English and willing to question decisions made by “Irrefutable” upholders of the rules. Am I wrong, did I take the one step beyond redemption?.


Better never to mix strong opinions with strong drink. I've never seen a 'pub-fight' that made even the slightest sense in the cold light of day. Making a drunken prat of oneself for the 'fun' of a few minutes can ruin a lifetime of good conduct and common sense. Perhaps you are better off out of your pub if your drunken heart rules your befuddled brain when drinking. I'm not against getting pished - just don't mix it with athletics.
OldRedCap said:
I'm not against getting pished - just don't mix it with athletics.
Not even bedroom athletics?

JJ - Sounds like there is more to the story, have you had a running dispute with the paddy?

Best to pop into the pub and apologise to the land lord and to the paddy for over reacting.
Specially not fornication. Giy I knew lost recreational use of his d1ck for about 6 months after going at it whilst just drunk enough that the bone never went down.

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