Am i just being soft?

Right, heres the situation.

Last December i got kicked out of officer training in the mob right at the last hurdle, week 28. They told me i was too young and needed to get some life experience and mature a bit then re-apply if i wanted to in no less than 2 years. I was training to be a pilot.

Well, i've been doing some thinking since then, i'm going to do what they suggested, take a few years out to do some growing up and what not but im not sure i want to go back in the Navy, years go when i applied i think i rushed into it without really thinking too hard about it, and when i was at Dartmouth i don't think my heart was completely in what i was doing.

Anyway, so that leaves the RAF and the Army, my passion was always with fast jets so the obvious choice would be the RAF. But whilst i was in the Navy i started realise how much the idea of being in the army appealed to me, before i joined i'll admit, the thought scared me a bit for obvious reasons. But after spending a few months in the forces i started to think more and more about joining the army.

However, i don't know if i've just watched too many war films and i like to imagine myself in that position, or if its what i really want. Every time i try to convince myself i should join the RAF i keep thinking about the Army. I don't talk to my parents about it because when i say Army they run a mile, but i think i might have my head in the clouds.

From what i can gather though, the chances of being a pilot in the Army are even less than the other services. From what i've been told, and what i've seen on the website even if you get accepted to sandhurst as a pilot, theres a chance you won't come out the other end as one, even before flight training. Is this true?

The non-comissioned route appeals to me too, but that kind of feels like im selling myself short (no disrespect meant by that at all) because i'd like to give being an officer a chance first.

I don't know, i think im just ranting because i need some advice, basically the idea of being a soldier and a pilot really appeals to me, and thiers a lot of other jobs i'd like to fall back to in the army if i don't make aircrew. But i don't know if im just being young and hotheaded and wanting to get a piece of the action thats going on at the minute, and i imagine thats not the right attitude to have if i want to get into Sandhurst.

Anyway, something you guys can actually help with;

- What are the actuall requirements of making it into the AAC as an officer? Other than just the FAT's and the Medical? Do they require a high score through Sandhurst?

- What are the chances of going non-commisioned pilot? I understand that you have to be at least a corporal before you can apply for training so i imagine thats three years from joining up all being well?

- Is there a leaning to any particular entry route? Ie are direct entry pilots prefered over pilots who have come through the ranks or vice versa?

I know i could go to the AFCO for all this, but just started a new job so times kinda tight at the minute, plus i'd like a bit of an heads up before i go.

Thanks for reading, any replies would be helpfull (to a degree)

Short answer to your original question.


Slightly less short answer.

Are you being entirely honest with why you left Dartmouth? I find it very difficult to understand how you got through AIB and into Dartmouth, and then for them to bin you at the 28 week stage for the reasons you gave. If the navy think you're immature, what makes you think the army will be any different?
May I suggest you go away, have a think about yourself and what you have to offer the armed forces. The military is in a buyers market at the moment; if you were chopped, it was for a reason. Good luck. (and work on your grammar before the spelling Nazis get hold of you...)
Sorry, should have made myself clear.

I got the chop because i failed MARL, the final leadership exercise. I'd be struggling with my leadership all the way through and basically MARL was my last chance. They told me that i had the potential to be an officer but i lacked life experience. My DO told me personally that he'd like to see me re-apply again in two years time and he advised me to go travelling or something in the meantime. Im going to take that onboard and do what they suggested, i agree with everything they said and i can see why i got the boot. I was too young, i didn't fully appreciate what being an officer involved, and i fell into the deadly trap of pilot first, officer second.
No, you shouldn't have made yourself "clear". You just shouldn't fib, ok Monkeysocks?
Hmmm, well, go away, look up the motto of Sandhurst and think about it, and the reasons to be an officer. And sort your grammar out.
Well done that man, you have answered your question yourself, final sentence of this reply.

Re: Tradition holding us back?
Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2009 11:51 am
Author: karskin
Don't let my cuntishness get in the way of a mass-debate

Or stop being a cnut?
If i wanted to troll i wouldn't use such an elaborate hoax. Look don't believe me fine, obviously im a walt because a few guys on an internet forum said so.
Another request for advice going smoothly...

All other considerations aside if you are seriously considering the Army then arrange to see an Army Careers Advisor. They will talk it through with you, and on the basis of that will be able to recommend whether or not you go through the AOSB process. As long as you are honest with them about what happened with those rough sailors down in Darty you will get nothing but solid advice.

Don't rely on forums for the answers, go out and find them yourself.
Without wishing to incur the wrath of ARRSE, the story he is telling rings true.

MARL is the last big tick for leaving the college, and BRNC will keep you going to see how you do on it. It may not be the Army way, but it is the Navy way (the relative merits of each can be discussed at length).

He wasn't telling any fibs - he may not have told you the full dit, but to be honest, who on here (standfast Dark Blue Officers) would even know what MARL is?

I suggest outwith the Pilot training pipeline, you better have a very good explanation for the AOSB for your wishing to join the Army, and as they will have very bit of your paperwork from BRNC, you will also need to demonstrate how you've 'grown up'.

Have fun, PM if you want - but remember I'm RN not British Army.

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