Am i just being a bitch?


ok.... sister (17) just had a bambino. was seeing the 'father' for a fair little while, they were living together etc. she gets preggers and after lots of "yes i love her" "i'll stand by her" crap he decides he doesn't want to be a dad at 20 after all, starts shagging the tart behind the bar and they split. she moved back home and is obviously upset. takes weeks to calm her down.

so she's about 3 months gone by this stage. good old sister (me) stands by her. is her shoulder to cry on/hit/scream at. goes to all the maternity classes, buys her loads of stuff for baby bla bla...basically doing what that little sh*t should have been. he moves away and doesn't have much to do with her. the odd text "are you ok?" is all she gets. (good riddance i say!) his family don't talk to her fact the tw*t's sister is quite nasty to my sister. doggin her up in the street etc.

anyways she had bambino a couple of weeks ago. i do the decent thing and tell the dad... he comes marching in the hospital demanding to see her. picks up the baby and starts crying. he's putting on a real good show! sister seems not to be bothered and takes the 'whatever' approach. good stuff me thinks!

for the few days she's in hospital he visits everyday. bring dotting fu*cking 'nanny' with him. she now all of a sudden recieves cards, money, vouchers and pressies from all his relatives - people that didn't know she even existed until she popped!! grandad, lost aunty, 3rd cousin replaced twice!.....

she's back at home now...and him and his mum ('nanny') are acting as if nothing has happened. as if he didn't hurt her all those months ago. as if he was there all the time, as if he was even bothered about it all when she was preggers..when she was scared and not sure what to do.

i'm so annoyed at the whole situation. i'm worried that my sister is falling in a trap and will end up getting back with him. she said to me in a weak moment that she would maybe get back with him.
can't tell her (she's a typical 17yr old!) i try and remind her what he's like and to my face she's "i know, i know", but you can tell she's still got feelings for him.

I go to see her and little 'en when i can at the weekend...this weekend i won't get to see her or bambino at all as he's got her for the weekend -that's if he turns up - he didn't last weekend when he was supposed to!!

now, am i just being a bitch towards the sh*t head? or are my feelings justified? how i've managed not to lump him one i'll never know!! :pissedoff:


kami said:
i know i know!
...she wanted to grow up too quick and play happy families i guess!
Daft cow. The only thing me and my mates had to worry about when were 17 was deciding what clothes to wear at the weekends and should we go to Spain or Greece lol.
CRmeansCeilingReached said:
what exactly is "doggin her up in the street" anyway?

i'm obviously not au fait with teenage vernacular. :)
I had to read it a few times, I thought that Kami was describing the conception with that piece of street.
So what, lots of blokes freak when they are told they are about to be a dad. His family just supported him.

When a child is actually born, things can feel different for both parties.

Keep your fecking nose out of it, she was adult enough to shag him and get up the duff, so let her decide what she wants.

If it doesn't work out she can always suffocate the bamino with a pillow and start from scratch.

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