Am I in the poo?


gorilla said:
Apparently he wants to speak to me because I went on leave early
Before he gets on his high horse ask him if he has ever done it, technically what you have done is wrong, what would have made more sense is for you to have asked him/her. If he has you on his hit list then agai inbound methinks. if you do not want to accept it then redress it.

we all learn from our mistakes. the crime is being caught.


Red_Brick_Building said:
Jimima_Shark said:
Red_Brick_Building said:
JPA does not allow you to do much unless you press Ctrl, Alt, Alt, %.

Have you tried to input preferance postings yet??
My current preference posting is down as somewhere in the army, somewhere in the UK. So the lottery of postings will continue!

I've learned not to ask for anywhere unless you really don't want to go there.

Asked for Germany - Got Northern Ireland
Asked for Cattrick - Got Germany
Asked for Northern Ireland - Got Colchester

Why do I bother.
RBB you seem a little bit disgruntled the lad was only asking what he should do he did not want to hear your life story, Colchester seems a nice place though and i hear fedexpress deliver to the sfa's there.

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