Am I in the bracket?


A quick simple question for those in the know.

I am CSEngr of 7 years. I was promoted to Cpl on the last board but have yet to do my CLM, therefore I am a substantive LCpl, A/Cpl.

I fall under the 6-8 year CSEngr LCpl bracket, but does my selection for promotion mean I will be considered as a Cpl and therefore I would not come under any bracket on this tranche?

I have read the DIN and it says you will be considered for redundancy at your substantive rank as of today, which would be LCpl, but I have not had a call from my OC.

Advice much appreciated.
Start packing your bags now princess....
Heres an idea go up to your ******* lazy RCMO ( if he's not career laughing or redundancy laughing and eating crossiants with the CO in the mess) and ask him to ring up APC Manning div and all your dreams and wishes will be answered...
I wish I was in the bracket, but the army has deemed me too witty, charming, and handsome, to be made redundant. It's hard being so wanted.

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