Am I in bother?

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Gunner300, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. Recently on summer leave I hurt my back in a car accident and my friends parent gave me some painkillers to deal with it.i have recently found out that they were 50mg tramadol pills.
    When I got back to work we got CDTd that first week. When the stripey asked had I taken any medication I simply declared them as painkillers. I have since found out she had been prescribed these and am now a bit worried that they are going to giv me a positive result and I will get hoofed.
    Do CDT test for such things as tramadol.? I had taken them 7 days prior to being tested.
  2. The Wah is strong in this one.
  3. I dont think they test for prescription drugs. To be safe, when they ask, I just mumble.
  4. Not a wah.... Just worried that I will get booted before my time is even up
  5. Opioids tend to only be detectable in urine for 3-5 days.
  6. Tramadol is a powerful morphine based prescription painkiller drug - I know, I was prescribed them following a Triple Heart Bypass five years ago to manage the pain following the breaking of my sternum for the operation and subsequent stitching up of the chest post op. I was advised on how to manage the medication, dependent on the level of pain experienced. I started on 8 x 50mg capsules twice a day and, because I still experience a level of pain in my scar occasionally, I have now reduced this to one capsule, twice a day. However, my GP, monitors all my medication, including Tramadol, on a regular basis.

    As a guideline, when I was taken into my local hospital following my operation (and after I had been prescribed Tramadol by my Consultant at the hospital where I was operated on), nursing staff in A & E were only permitted to give me Paracetemol as a painkiller until a Doctor authorised the Tramadol. Needless to say I suffered an agonising 12 hour wait for the drug to be prescribed.

    Depending on the number of tablets you were given, my advice to you is to front up with the truth if questioned. I am not a qualified Doctor or Chemist, but because of the content of the drug, it may show up as an opiate.
  7. I'm not sure whether it is illegal in the UK to take someone else's prescription drugs. I have on occasion taken my wife's Tramadol (back operation) at time of need (slipped disc), mentioned it to the doctor who seemed untroubled by the info.
  8. ugly

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    Just be honest about it, Mmmmmmmmmmorphine! My fractured sternum!

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  9. I was prescribed Tramadol in theatre (Afgh) earlier this year. The original diagnosis was a muscle in spasm in my back, once that was sorted I had the deep joy of coming off the drugs. Howling, really, really howling! Next time I think I will man up and fight through the pain. The come down was worse than the original pain...... Cold turkey..tastic mate!
  10. Oh how I laughed when they were licensed and the drug reps said they'd not cause dependency.
  11. Have you won the "Tour de France" in recent years?

    No? Then stop worrying.
  12. You've just saved the NHS thousands...

    Dn't bother with doctors, just get people in touch with people who have similar pain and they can prescribe to each other.

    A sort of peer based medical system.

    We'll assume a few convulsions and getting bunged up wont be too much of a drama...

    On a serious note though, it is a misused drug for 'recreational use' so you never know CDT may check for it.
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  13. Not as hard as I laughed climbing the ******* walls (well tent fabric actually but you get the idea) Lying drugs administration bastards!
  14. Drug reps as honest as a politician.
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