am i good or will i get screwed?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by uk7867, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. i did selection couple of month ago and passed with great run time and results etc.. i was due to start basic in december but i got injured and my training went down hill. so today i did a 1.5 mile run 1st time since i have recovered from the injury and got 11.20 seconds.and my previous times were 10.30 (before i got injured) and today i was totally burned out. my intake date is january itc catterick. will i be ok with this stamina which i have got at the moment? or will i just get better when i start basic training?
  2. Just keep at the phys. I am sure that a gym queen will be along shortly to put you right, but just keep plodding away. It is probably better that you arrive for your basic able to pass the PFT comfortably though.
  3. Is the injury causing you any problems? Just take it easy over the next couple of weeks but do continue to train, you do need to improve that time and you have enough time to build yourself back up to a reasonable fitness without pushing yourself to much.
  4. Phase 1 training will be much easier if your are as fit as you can be, so you should ensure you are fit. Having said that, don't worry if you can't pass a PFT when you turn up as the armies fitness regime will get you into shape. There is no requirement to pass a PFT until you have finished phase 1 training and in the case of some roles in the army, not until you have finished phase 2 training (The only PFT I have *had* to pass so far was the one I did when I finished phase 2 training).

    If it helps put your mind at rest, my PFT time when I first turned up to phase 1 training was 11.17 which is only ever so slightly faster than yours. It's now 8.40. Not bad for a fat tankie so the PTI's did something right. :wink:

    Just make sure your injury really is fully recovered before you go and you will be fine.
  5. After patting yourself on the back for doing a great run time thought I would let you know that 10.30 is not a great run time (knock another 2 minutes off and that is a decent time but you won't be first on the run). You have only just missed out on having to do an extra 3 weeks physical development course. The more work you do preparing yourself for ITC the easier training will be.
  6. Thanks Just thought i would browse this forum come across useful thanks :)

  7. It's all in the mind mate, the PT isn't over the top its gradual they build you up stop worrying and crack on you'll be fine