am i good enough

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by LUFC91, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. I went on an insight course about 2 weeks ago & i had a pft and a run time recorded, i have herd different rumours about what you need to pass i'm 16 & wanna join RAC

    i got 11:05 for the run
    46 press ups in 2 minutes
    54 sit ups in 2 minutes

    i have selction on the 23rd
  2. Short answer;yes.

    Fitness-wise you should be okay. Didn't they say anything to you before sending you home?
  3. What insight course was it?
  4. its was a yorkshire warriors course
    they only told me infantry times, i asked & they said they didnt know
  5. Yeah. It's 10:30 for the infantry, so it will almost certainly be less for the RAC. Just keep training and get even fitter, because it'll benefit you and the army and you'll be able to do the job even better than the basic standards.
  6. I thought 10.30 was the required minimum standard time for the run (but I am old and crusty, so could be wrong). Having said that, at your age you can improve those results drastically in a short time with grit and determination.

    Try for sub 10 mins on the run and 100+ for sit-ups and pressups. Achieve that and training will be far easier (to pass the required standards).

    Basically, just try and do your best.
  7. Thanks for the advice!
  8. If I were you mate, spend most of your time getting that time down. You will pass at your current level, but you should want to beat that!

    Your press ups/sit ups are ok, just keep training, but spend most of your effort running. Look up FartLek - very useful.

    Anyway, all the best and I hope it goes well kid.
  9. Why do you want to go on it, you seem to want to go on loads of insight courses.

    Have you filled in the CORRECT application form and gone to your LOCAL AFCO yet?
  10. Andy, shut your hole you interfering little scrote.
  11. DaPs - You come on a forum, give advice to people that are joining up YET you are not in the mob yourself.

    You want to go on all these insight courses, think you are going to pass selection peice of p1ss. YET again you haven't even passed your interviews or even got a bloody selection date.

    Stop giving advice to people that are joining up as you have NEVER experienced anything to do with the army.


  12. I casted my rod and i have a nibble.

    Bite bite bite. :D
  13. You should be fine.

    I didn't do so well on my run when I went to a insight trip to RMAS - They just told me to work on it for selection.

    And my brother who is 15 but went on an insight course with 16-18 yr olds met loads of people who got over 11 mins for the run and they were told the same.

    So just work on it before the 23rd.