Am I going mad or just a bit keen?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Narcissus, May 24, 2006.

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  1. Yes, get your ass in the grass!!

  2. No, you've avoid a tour for 6 years, can I join you sqn?

  3. Undecided, Not my place to say.

  1. I have been out of the regs for about 2 years now, still only 23, and I am at Uni.

    During my 4 years with the regs I never got so much as a sniff of an Op tour, I feel I have missed out some what. I mean what’s the point of training for a job that you are not going to do?!

    I quite like the Army way of life and blah blah and that gumf. I am now going to volunteer for a telic tour but these now scale as being 11 months in duration which requires me deferring a year at Uni.

    So am I doing the right thing?
  2. As much as I enjoyed my time in iraq it was only 7/8 months away as our 3 months optag didnt happen.Get your degree first then you can go gong hunting :D .Your not a regular anymore your career depends on getting a degree and a job .A tour post degree might be ideal of paying off student loans anyway :D .
  3. Degree should come first IMHO. You can soldier later.

  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Agreed, you still got loads of time to do a tour. get the rest of your life sorted out first
  5. You are only 23. Get your quals first then you can still have fun at 24. There will probably another theatre for you to play in then as well (Iran?)
  6. Know the feeling mate, 12 years of endless NI tours and Bosnia and thena a decent fight pops up just after I leave tsk

    Your young mate, get that degree and then either TA or rejoin if you want, there will always be a tour

    Morbid fact: Since 1945, 1968 was the only year a service person wasn't killed in action

    ammended to add that might be 1969
  7. STOP!

    Degree first, soldier later. The problem with deferring for a year is that one year can quickly become two and so on, by which time you may have lost your appetite for study. And believe me, in this work market, a degree puts you head and shoulders above.


  8. Yeah I understand that study is important, however my concern is this: I want to go on and do Medicine so there for it will require 5 more years of study and then once I have done that then I will be looking at non-combants roll. Also think it might be a good idea to get it done now as there is no real ties to hold me down here, i.e. kids, wife or a civvy job that will require me to stay here etc.
  9. Linemanloz,

    I'm in much the same situation, except i've just started medicine. I'm still considering a tour in the coming two years partly as a break from what will amount to a decade as a student and partly because i wonder if i'll regret it if i don't.
    From your point of view i'd look to get yourself a place on a medicine course first and then try and defer it if you decide to take a year out and mobilise, at least that way your future career is secured.
  10. Stay in Uni Mate,it's not like the Middle East is gonna be sorted out any time soon ! Or if it does there will always be some other country we'll be sent to area clean :D
  11. linemanloz What ever you choose good luck, but you have been given some excellent advice from the ladies/gents above; if you are currently in a degree course, complete it before you sign up to a tour in the sandbox, trust me, from the way it looks there are going to be a lot more tours to volunteer for.
  12. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    who said you will have to look at non combat roles? join the unit you want to, your not forced to go med corps? Am i right in thinking that Stan of Bravo Two Zero was a qualified dentist, but still joined the boys?
    (any threads anywhere on B20 et al and Operation Certain Death books?)
  13. Stay at uni, finish your course, THEN do a tour, pay off your student loans and then crack on with your post-grad education.
  14. Just left the regs myself and am at uni. Been to Iraq 3 years in a row, your not missing anything!!!!!!
  15. Jesus, how many of us ex-regs are at uni! Maybe we should get our own forum!