Am I going down?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biscuits_Brown, Nov 23, 2008.

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  1. Flagged down a taxi tonight.

    He dropped me home and asked for fifteen quid. Usual fare for the journey is five to seven.

    I remonstrated with him and he got a bit bolshy, culminating with him hitting the central lock.. At which point I sank the head a couple of times, rather obviously busting his nose and grabbed him by the neck instructing him to open the door.

    Which he did.

    I threw a fiver at him, for the fare.

    He drove off shoutig that he was on his way to the cop-shop to dob me in.

    Chances of going down???

  2. [​IMG]

    50:50, final offer.

    Much love, Terry Tibbs.
  3. better option would have been to get the willy out and piss on the seat and/or threaten to sick your fingers down your throat and chuck up. (used this tactic myself, works well.)

    i hope you walked off back down the street past your place so he has no idea where you live.

    'normally only a 5 quid fare'?????? ffs man! thats only a short stagger/puke/stagger home anyway.
  4. It's no distance at all.... But... Belfast thing...

    You cross "the interface" several times.

    Makes paying the taxi fare sooo worth it.
  5. Name and number to the guvonr
  6. call the taxi company, ask how much the fare would be then tell them their driver tried to rip you off and assaulted you. get in with a self defence claim first
  7. simply state that he tried to bribe you, £15 or anal rape, the police will understand..... As their going to anal rape you in the cells
  8. simmaler sittuation,

    I got in a black cab a about 9 years ago and the fare was £3.oo tops from Bold St to London Rd in liverpool, the cnut had not turned the meter off from the last fare and when I got to my destination he tried to charge me £9.00, I flipped and threw £6.00 through the money part in the perspex screen, he then said he could only find £2.00 and I had to pay again. I flipped and he locked me in nd I argued for at least 10 minutes... so I sat back in my seat and proceeded to kick the plexi-glass screen through between me and him... he lets his foot off the brakes and hey presto the doors unlocked... I jumped out and proceeded to chase him round his cab... unknown to me he had blown a "yellow 1" emergency call to all the black hackneys in the area... que the army of yellow "for hire lights" converging onto my position... I did a dusty into the nearest boozer ... only to be dragged out by no less than 10 angry cabbies and a kicking ensued.. then the police turned up and I get nicked... when it got to court I was going to explain my case but seeing as everyone going in before me on drunk and disorderly they were getting a fifty quid fine and about twenty quid costs... I does into court and they asked me do I work I said yes I am the licensee of an off licence in Liverpool.... que the mumbling... £250 fine.. £250 compensation for the driver..£100 to fix the screen, £175 court costs... then a visit from the licencing body... liquor licence revoked because it was a drink related incident and I lost my 25k a year job... go black cab fuckbags..

    This is why I NEVER give a black taxi a second look when I am pissed wet through and walking home from town and there is no private hire's available..

    So I got bumped on my fare
    A good Kicking
    A Day in court and got bummed £775.00
    And I lost My Job
    And all because someone was taking the pish... oh and because I was locked in for a good ten minutes arguing, I admit I lost it a bit but... put yourself in that sittuation


  9. You got a cab from Bold st to London rd? fcuking lazy barsteward :lol:

    I agree with you on the hackney's but I don't do walking through Toxteth when pis5ed as a fart anymore 8O
  10. Bold St to London road? You could push the beer scooter between those two, and save petrol! But Liverpool back cab drivers are bastards, if you don't tell them a specific route, they'll take you twice round the city to get a bigger for themselves. Cnuts!
  11. You didn't do the old "Stay back I'm a trained fooooking killa!" then?
  12. None whatsoever. You made the whole thing up.
  13. I rather wish I had.... Still no Bill at the door, yet. Which is nice.
  14. that's cause they're on ur neighbours roofs and have ur house surrounded :lol:
  15. Precisely what i'm expecting.

    Bets on the Dogs, or the Armed Po-po going in first?

    I'm thinking maybe... 40-60? :twisted: