am i gay?...

thats one hell of a first post. 8O
labrat said:
rustymesstin said:
last night i was drunkedly sucked off by a man

How drunk did you have to get him? would he not do it sober?

PM Geordie_Blerk and the_crimp_off, I believe this sort of thing is the norm for them with no need to blame it on the demon drink.
As long as you remained flacid than your in the clear. If you are in 3 para mortars than, flacid or not, your not a gay.
You are only gay if you push back and enjoy it (exception granted to 9 Sqn RE and 3 PARA Mortars as they are allowed to enjoy it).

Somehow me thinks that this is only your first post under this name, and you post more regularly under other name(s).
Yes you are gay, you dirty fcuking mincer.

Unless you were in Aldershot last night, all the women have beer-guts and beards there, so its possible you were just getting a nosh off a local chick.

If you are certain it was indeed a blerk, then i suggest you go to the kitchen and chop your homo-loving todger off with a bread knife you bloody chutney ferret.

Hope this helps, Moody.

PS - Dont accept any advice from Geordie_Blerk - he looks like shirley crabtree in drag and cant get anyone to suck him off for love nor money
rustymesstin said:
Well, moody the offer is open for you to munch down on my love trumpet! i wouldnt mind getting stubble rash on my balls from you!
Sorry rusty, I'd rather wear Dales rotting womb as a swimming cap than go anywhere near your bellend. Thanks for the offer though.
There are several "ifs" to this:

If you're working on the assumption that "any hole is a goal", the sex of the sucker is irrelevant.
If you're married, you should be grateful your todger has been inside anyone's mouth at all.
If you sucked his in return, yup, you're gay.

Moody, as usual you're far too empathetic in your response.
Of course you're not gay. Everyone knows, the only thing that makes you gay is having an earing in your right ear. Sucking another man off and undertaking in scratchy bum-sex are really neither here nor there.
If you had black leather chaps on with your ass visible from the rear whilst he was sucking you off then yes you are a raging homo,but if not i would'nt worry about it too much !
Your not Turkish by any chance are you
Did he swallow?


Would like to say this sort of thing is the norm in the para's and i can safely say i've seen marines at it during the last army navy rugby match!!!!! :x

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