Am I expecting too much?

I'm an 'orrible civvy working on a camp.
Today I broke some toes while playing footy at lunch with lads from the hurt...a lot, (the bone came out and there was blood and bruising and swearing and everything).
The sick bay was called, they wouldn't even look at my tootsies, or even speak to me.
One of the lads ended up taking me to A&E.
I was a bit put out as they wouldn't even give me a quick once over.
Is this a case of duty bod going "oh stroll on its lunch time"? Or is there some sort of policy of non-treatment on site for civvies?
I cant really comment on the finities of your injury, but all health care professionals have to work within the constraints of their abilities and resources and are governed by local policy. The injury you sustained probably required initial treatment in an emergency department, and review by a doctor. the priority would have been to get you there ASAP. giving you the once over would have probably only delayed your actual treatment further. Hope its better soon. football is for gays anyway! At least a rugby injury would have been worth it.
Most med centres cannot treat civilians, they are not contracted to, nor are they covered by the legal side of life.

Life and limb saving treatments, yes. You dont want a GP playing with your broken toes anyway - they aint gonna do anything other than send you to A&E

why waste time and effort - straight to A&E ! its not personal, just common sense.

get well soon civvi!
inbredyokel666 said:
I'm an 'orrible civvy working on a camp.
Just laughed beer out of my nose when I read that. Hats off to ye guvnor. Also, if you'd been treated in any of the med centers ive worked in you'd have a wooden toe by now! HaHarrrr (best pirate accent).

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