Am I entitled to SFA/SSFA?

I am posted to a unit in the South West where I serve unaccompanied, living in the mess during the working week. I pay my mess subs and for meals taken but no accommodation charge. I receive GYH (T) as my home address is in the Midlands. My wife and kids have jobs thereabouts. My youngest kid is nearly 18 and is in the last 6 months of his A-Level courses. We are just about to complete on the sale of our property but are finding it impossible to secure a private rental property owing to competition, even at £1300/month rent level. Am I in any way entitled to ask for SFA/SSFA in the Midlands? We have sold the property to take advantage of the SDLT holiday for buyers and are planning on renting until the youngest goes off to uni at which point we will buy again.


Your RAO should be able to advise you. I don't think there's anything in the relevant regs that would specifically preclude you from applying, but generally speaking, you're expected to occupy SFA at your duty station unless you opt to serve voluntarily unaccompanied (like you're obviously doing now). SFA space is currently at a premium service-wide and any application for it would have to be linked into your latest assignment order.
If you're not posted to a unit in the Midlands, then my guess is they'd probably chin you off unless they had a fair amount of surplus sat empty. :cool:

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