Am i entitled to anything??

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by born_to_solder, Jan 1, 2008.

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  1. Gents,
    Your help would be gratefully appreciated.
    I am soon posted onto the potential pilots course at Middle Wallop.
    This is where my quarter would be.
    For 3 monthes though i will be in RAF Cranwell (fixed wing stage).
    Shortly after i would be in RAF Shawbury for 3 months.
    During these periods will i be entitled to any allowances?
    If i want to go home to the wife (glutten for punishment) at the weekend ill have to pay my own way after all.

    Many thanks.

  2. Yes you will be entitled to GYH allowance this might have changed name since JPA oh yeh and IE 5 pounds a day when on course away from duty station no receipts required.
  3. If you ask your QM nicely you might be entitled to a large pot of Brylcreem and a silk scarf.

    Good luck on your Pilots Course!
  4. Yes it is Get You Home Travel still and the IE is £5 per night away from permanent assignment station, providing Field Conditions have not been declared.

    GYH to Cranwell approx £6.58 daily

    GYH to Shawbury approx £5.70 daily

    (these figures are subject to change on 01 Apr and depending on actual mileage calculated by your RAO)
  5. How long can he claim IE for is it only 30 days or have i been stiffed
  6. He can claim for every night away from his permanent assignment station, there is no limit*. However it is easier to claim in blocks of 30 days if on a long term temp assignment.

    Four or more JPA claims in a 30-day period will generate an audit so it makes sense to claim just once at the end of each 30-day block.

    *am prepared to stand corrected on this!

    Have just checked the JSP and it states:

    IE is paid for any period for which there is an entitlement to NS (normally limited to 30 days but there are exceptions (eg resettlement courses)) and for the duration of any entitlement for living on temporary assignment in Service single accommodation (with no limit provided the entitlement continues).

    My bold
  7. on a slightly different note, if you're posted to a long course, but elect to serve unaccompanied, what are the entitlements?
  8. With the IE i was on my Skill at arms course and was told and did only claim for the "MAX" 30 days. Can i now go back and claim for the rest?

  9. Off the top of my head, you are VOLSEP and can claim GYH if the Qual Res is over 50 miles from your permanent assignment.

    You could use the over 37 package if over 37 obviously!
  10. that's my understanding too, which is a bit crap really, if you're VOLSEP then you can't claim LSA unless your family is in a different theatre...esp crap when course is a shade over 6 months and i don't want to move family twice in the spce of 7 months....

    ...doubley crap when given that by not relocating my family its saving army sh!t loads of money as no movers reqd, no disturbance allowance paid etc....

    do pads pay for accom when on cse these days?
  11. If it was recently then I would say yes you could, but that all depends on how your authorising officer interprets the rules as quoted above.

    If the course was pre-JPA or before the IE ruling dated 01Nov07 then different rules may have applied.

    It is difficult to advise without specifics but if you feel you fall into the rules I pasted above then it is worth a try.
  12. They do in my location, we have basic courses of 18 months, and upgrader courses of 9 and 18 months.
  13. You will have to Pay Food Charges if not at a PAYD unit for the duration of the course.