Am I eligable?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by paul19, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. Hey. Im 19 years old and been looking into becoming an officer in the army.

    I have two A-levels, an AS-level and a key skill level 2

    Unfortunarly this only adds up to 160 ucas points. Is it at all possible I will be considerd as an officer on merit of 2 Full A-levels and strong gcses? Or am i going to have to pick up another twenty points somehow?

    Thanks alot if anyone can clarify this, I have searched about and it does seem you need the full 180 points to join, however, I had seen some threads with talk of ucas 140 points or just 2 A-levels for some jobs ? Is this information outdated?

    Thanks alot.
  2. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    What grades did you get, thicky ;)

  4. With spelling like that? No...
  5. Spelling was never my thing, I should of spell checked that though. I got B in language and B in literature so im qualified in that respect.

    I have 7 A- C gcses including Two A's in science

    I Got D in biology D in Buisness and a D As in Ict

    Its a shame as I was on B through the As part of the biology course I just lost some motivation the secound year for serveral reasons.

    Is my only option to pick up some more points or possibly finish the ICT which would bring it to atleast 180 providing i got D or above?
  6. Do you think at 17 you will command the respect of seasoned marines? Maybe a little more life experience and maturity will help?
  7. Coming to an SJAR in front of you.... and sooner than you might wish!

  8. I think you have the wrong thread.....
  9. I am not aware of any officer entry standards requiring only 140 UCAS points, as far as I am aware 180 is the bare minimum requirement. There is more info on what is required to enlist as an officer in the joining up forum, in its very own sticky thread.
  10. Young_lofty has kindly placed a comprehensive guide to this topic on the Recruiting Forum:

    Right here....

    I would counsel you against taking advice from a website and treating it as gospel. The ACIO is the final arbiter of whether or not you have the potential to enter the commissioning process that will end at Sandhurst. If the ACIO says "180 UCAS points" then that is what it will be.

    Litotes (beaten to it by young_lofty...)
  11. Ok thanks, I did find that thread and have a read through. Was just wondering if there was any exceptions. I'll ring my ACIO tommorw and see what he say's although it seems I need to pick up another 20 points.

    Is the army the same as the RAF in that they dont A levels worth less than Ucas 45 points?
  12. Oops. I think you're right. Blame the malt!
  14. What did the ACIO say?