Am I eligable??~Nurses~

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by GeoAmbrose, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. Hello everybody, this is my first post... Be nice to me xDD.

    I am 20 years old, after many years of deciding what to be in this world that I would enjoy being between being an artist or a nurse, I finally chose my childhood dream, to be a nurse for the army... The only problem is that I studied art in "Bachillerato" (Spanish equivalent to the Sixth form or A-levels in the UK, I think). I am british and have lived in the UK in the past and I am coming back to the UK.

    I always loved art and had a hard time choosing between art and science, I chose to study art. This took 2 years and I now have the diploma/ leaving certificate :).

    The bad thing is... I was looking at the requirements for the "Student nurse" and I have my regrets and doubts of being able to enter the course, most ask for A-levels grades in science, I know I did well in high school as I have mostly A's and B's in all subjects but these are A-levels in science... I have them in art, I wanted to do anatomy too in art but they wouldnt have any of that D:< . At least I learned basic german and can speak 2 languages fluently.

    I was young and could not decide at that time between science and art.

    I know I have what it takes to be a nurse and can not wait to be one but will not having studied science be a pretty big obstacle for me? I hope there is some way around it :(

    Thank you <3
    xx All answers are very much appreciated xx
  2. Have you had a look at the Access to Nursing courses? They take a year to complete and universities generally accept them - they are common with a lot of more mature students entering without any formal qualifications. You can also get the required maths and science GCSE's through the same course by doing extra modules.

    I can't say if this is enough to get into the Army as a student nurse but if not you can always train at university then join afterwards (which is my plan). If you haven't already, I'd strongly suggest trying to get some experience in a care setting before applying to university - voluntary or paid, it all helps a lot at the personal statement and interview stage. Best of luck :)
  3. Not a clue, but your use of smiley faces, hearts and kisses was very warming.
    I wish you well.

    (If you did nude art classes, you have a firm grasp on anatomy IMHO)
  4. Sorry for the late reply TT___TT. Busy, busy, busy.
    Thank you very much ^o^.
    I have taken a look at all courses and will join one if it is needed but I will see if I can get in first, I arrive in september and can not wait :) I can say that I have experience in care as I am a caring person and have little brothers and have been looking after them since birth. I also volenteered as a translator in a hospital clinic which really helped my language barrier more with all the technical terms :)
    Hope you are doing well in university! Maybe we'll even see eachother in the future if all ends well! :)
    Good luck to you too!!!
  5. I like nurses.....female nurses that is.
  6. :) Awwww, thank you Nobby Sapper hahaha (Sorry, I laughed when I read your username, very creative xD) I am very expressive and try my best :).
    I did not do any nude classes (no money and no time, too busy working out for september) but I did teach myself and I can say that I have a very good grasp of it hehe :) I've improved too.
    Hope you are doing well in what ever branch you are in ^o^.
    If I can not get into student nursing my second choice is Inteligent linguist as I am very capable of learning any language and can make anyone understand me one way or another :).
  7. Well I just don't know what to say, its all very sudden.

    Except, Fnarrr Fnarrrrr!!
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  8. That all sounds good Geo. Just read as much about nursing at you can before your interview and you'll be on the right track. The Royal Marsden book is a good one to go for:

    The Royal Marsden Hospital Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures - Student Edition: Lisa Dougherty, Sara Lister: Books

    best of luck in your application :)
  9. I take it you mean cunning rather than "inteligent" (sic)?
  10. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I can confirm regarding the Access to Nursing course. My friend's daughter has just finished year 1 of her nursing course and got onto the course via the Access to Nursing 1 year course. Prior to this she had poor and irrelevant academic qualifications but did well in her interview.

    I would advise you to check with colleges that offer the A to N year whether their local University/Teachin Hospital accept it as an alternative access route then double check directly with the Uni/Hospital to be sure.

    Good luck.
  11. Professional development - RCN You could also go on the Royal College of Nursing discussion boards where I'm sure there will be plenty of people in or have been in your boat. Depending on where you are you could also find a Reservist Med unit and pop in for a quick chat TA Units - British Army Website . And to show you were extra keen I believe you could join as a TA Healthcare assistant/RAMC Combat Medic which might look good in an Interview providing they're not raging lefties. If I see a mucker that was in 144 Para Med before he transferred to my unit I'll ask him.

    Oh and to really get the feel of the job I recommend that you dress up in a Nurses uniform and post some pictures just so we can make sure that you look the part.