Am I DQ from joining any of the 3 services Army is my main one?

So back in 2013 I had a episode of anxiety/depression and panic attack i never had any medication to treat because it was just a one time event i did speak to people who are known as CHAMS to help me through it and it was over before it even started really. Since then I have never felt anxious depressed or anything I am 19 and i was young back then and wondering if i had those feelings confused with something else. So what i want to know is now 5 years down the line am I eligible to join any service particularly the Army im interested in.
Based upon your explanation I assume it was never entered on your medical record? In which case it wont make any difference to your application. Crack on and good luck.


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Everybody has those feelings from time to time and it's quite normal behavior. The same as laughing when you find something funny or feeling grief when someone dies. If you didn't have those feelings you wouldn't be human, it's just learning to deal with them & recognising they are just 'passing phases'. So I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Honesty and integrity are also important - so when/if you decide to join up & some recruiting SGT asks you, or you see it on a form, just be truthful and you will get more respect than if someone finds out you lied down the line.

If you look at the stats - you'll find a high percentage of ex-soldiers commit suicide, which pretty much confirms that even people who have been in the forces for many years, face these exact same feelings. It's nothing to be ashamed about or something to hide, it's how you deal with it that matters & talking about those things with other people seems to make things better. That's why soldiers go to the NAAFI and talk things out over a few beers with their friends or have decompression time when they come back from tours. When they find themselves alone and with nobody to talk to, that's when things get dark for them.
From an RN perspective, fully resolved single episodes of childhood mental health issues tend not to preclude entry, particularly after several years have elapsed.


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It is on my medical record as I had to speak to someone from CHAMS.
I think CHAMS is a charity that helps Families and Kids. I doubt that they have the ability to gain access to your medical records. As MrDude said just be straigh and honest about it.

Good Luck!


It is on my medical record as I had to speak to someone from CHAMS.
I assume that you are referring to CaMHS, the Childrens’ Mental Health Services org?

I agree with the poster above; I don’t think that it will prevent you joining any of the services. It was a ‘one-off’ when you were a child.

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