Am I Doing Enough?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by con1993, Jan 19, 2010.

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  1. Hello
    I've been training to hopefully joing the infantry and am hoping to go to winchester or catterick in the next few months.Do you think I am doing enough training to be ready for ADSC

    Everyday ( apart from sunday ) 3 / 4 mile run
    Everyday Push ups and situp
    3 days a week Swimming ( 45 minute sessions)
    4 days a week gym ( mainly bench press , lat pull , rowing machine )

    Is there any tips and advice that you can give me to improve my routine because I want to be in best shape I can for ADSC

  2. Do you mean three to four miles or three quarters of a mile?
  3. 3 or 4 miles n you got any advice?
  4. Yep - check out the Armyfit website as suggested.
  5. or go to your local army office and theyll give you a book of exercises and a wall poster to mark your progress (whihc is the pretty much the same as the website, but goes into a lil more depth about why you should do etc) :D
  6. don't go over the top with excercise as the last thing you want to do is get an injury before training. as recommended before see the army fit website
  7. I'm training to prepare for selection what advice could you give?
  8. ..............(wah shield on) anyone not got it yet? (wah shield off).
  9. Pukka gen nio duff? (Therefore wah shield on)

    You are not training for 'selection' you are training for army entry standards and to be honest you are over training. Back it of a bit or your body will give up before you finish phase 1 basic.
  10. You doing way to much lad. At least have 2 rest days. Try and do shuttle runs which will help you on your 1.5 mile. Try and limit your time at the gym trust me on this as you don't need to gym to get fit and it saves you money.
  11. My Bold: You'll also need to do more than one situp :wink:
  12. yess i 2 would say you seem to be pushing your self a bit,dont forget its not just the fitness you will need.
    putt 100% into everything especially the team tasks keep your head down and listen,and you will do fine lad :D

    i recently did ADSC and it was great passed with a B grade and now waiting to start phase 1 on 21st of march
  13. Good luck, you going for Infantry?
  14. This is what I'm thinking about, I don't want to over do any training so come basic I'll be burnt.

    I'm not the strongest, but I can run 10mile easy now, I've eased off the running the last couple of weeks just for a bit of a break.

    Not sure about my strength but I can do double figures pull ups, whereas at selection back in October I did 4.

    I've not changed frame and build wise either but i'm much stronger.

    I'm thinking of running with weight now, maybe 15Kg or something