Am I being walted???????????

Discussion in 'ACF' started by papegojan, May 30, 2008.

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  1. Iam a bit puzzled. Last year I got made up to SMI. Now as a long in the tooth instructor, I do not consider myself a walt etc. I am a youth leader who wears the queens unikform. Imagine my surprise when I received a payslip addressed to WO2 papegojan. What is going on? I know that we have no such rank in the ACF, and this is not one of those "what are we?" threads, but I am now wondering, is JPA trying to walt me? Can someone tell me why this?
  2. no such rank in the ACF
    warrant officer or
    Walt Outed

    sorry just a joke......
  3. Hysterical.

    Mate, try phoning JPAC.
  4. To be really boring ;) , I think it's the JPA computer that can't cope with ACF appointments. All ACF slips come with regular army ranks printed on 'em.
  5. Ah, it now becomes clear. Thanks Harry.
  6. take the money and run like hell..... :)
  7. JPA=Just Pissisng About.

    Flashy - I have been told that our payslips are only available online, but not having a login, how can I view them?

    I have been issued an 8 digit service/pay no 3005****
  8. Can it cope with anything at all?!
  9. Really not a clue if you can view them online (I'm nowhere near enough technologically advanced for that), but they do come through regularly from County HQ in hard copy form.
  10. easy enough to view on JPA! just log on and its not hard to find!!
  11. Log on with what? My 8 digit number?
  12. Go to armynet and simply follow the instructions thre on how to get an account. Once set up you can view payslips and lots of other stuff. Agrre that JPA can not come with ACF rank, all my slips come through the post as S/Sgt also having changed forces they still issue me slips from both counties!!!! sadly not the money, one shows earnings and one shows nothing earned.

    happy Days
  13. I was told that AI etc cant get on army net?
  14. You have been misinformed, it was announced early in the year that ACF can go on, I have been on for a while now, get all my pay slips etc from it. if I recall you need NI number and few othwer bits. to prove it works drop me a mail at or just got to army net and investigate. :D :D
  15. AIs cannot access JPA and cannot access ArmyNET. All new AIs are recruited onto JPA as New Hires and are therefore issued a 300..... number the same as a TA or regular soldier or even and MoD Civil Servant. The AIs that are both TA/NRPS and AIs will have another account for ACF i.e. 24...021-2 which will produce your ACF payslip with whatever rank you are in the ACF. JPA doesn't recognise SMI but it does WO2, as SSI - SSgt etc..