am i being Unreasonable to ask for my last 3 years in the UK

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by G_O_D_is_Armoured, Apr 19, 2008.

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  1. hmm where do i start, ill try to make it simple.....

    in June i tried to put in a posting order, i was told not to as the troop was short of tank commanders

    in October i tried again...and told the same thing

    in December the then Troop commander said i had a 12 month extension at current location, as he had spoke to MCM

    in January the new troop Commander says he has heard from MCM that i am due posting, i explain extension info i had been told by the previous Troopy

    new Troopy called MCM, and MCM says no extension was ever asked for and posting imminent

    a posting order then arrived in for Tidworth (where i want to go,) great!!
    only thing with it was it was to a HQ sqn, so asked the troop management to query why i was going to a HQ sqn

    i go away to Bovington for 9 weeks, whilst away someone there says im going to there unit in Tidworth.....i assume then that the RCMO of the Tidworth unit has moved me from the HQ sqn to a sqn i can be properly employed in. its also great as its UK and where i want to go

    come back from where i was, tried to get onto JPA (which wasnt working) and after the troop came back of easter leave, i find out that the posting now wasn't to Tidworth, but to Germany, to the unit i left 3 years prior(i spent 10 years with that unit)

    i asked for it to be changed as it was now my last 3 years,of my 22 year service and i had started plans, for when i left ...starting a new business, looking for a house etc etc

    manning said no, as i had not submitted Preference of posting, on JPA...the unit had only been on JPA since October, and no one knew they had to be submitted on JPA

    (suddenly everyone is told to submit Preference of postings on JPA)

    on calling MCM again It was asked why not, they say as i had no posting preferences in and i cancelled 2 postings i had no choice

    utter bull****......ive neither canceled 2 postings, or had chance to put in posting preferences as the last troop commander wouldnt let me...stating manpower shortage

    as a result, the wife and kids will not go to germany, in effect she is leaving me......

    on telling MCM this, there answer was, we dont care your going!! you have cancelled 2 postings,

    one of these so called postings was to Ripon in June the previous year?????

    i dont know what the second posting was supposed to be

    well ive tried everything to get them to see sense,

    i have spoken to the RCMO, who again relayed the story that i had supposedly cancelled 2 postings

    i cannot believe there prepared for me to potentially get divorced over this, because some *****, had troop manning levels as a priority, and spooling bullshit back to MCM, obviously stating it as my wishes

    ive been advised to put in a redress of grievence (service Complaint JSP 831) next week

    This whole thing has spiraled out of control

    MCM wont budge at all

    to say i am totally livid, would be an understatement.

    retention my arse......!!

    i can leave, and yes throwing away my immediate pension but this has been the last straw

    am i being it really all my fault as i am being made to feel
  2. No I think your request is perfectly reasonable , you have gone where you are told and done what you are told to do for 19 years and now you are asking something back , if your unit and CoC wont help try contacting you MP and get them to raise it.
    No wonder people are pissed off , something like this doesn't only affect you and your family it will affect moral of the rest knowing this is how they are likely to be treated.
  3. Yes you are - let me guess - you have given 19 good years service to the Army and now you feel like you are owed something in return? Other than a wage blah blah etc etc! cringe, fawn.
  4. Going to be brutally honest here. I agree with Delhi I'm afraid. You have no divine right to expect your last posting in UK, exigencies of the service apply.

    I feel sorry for your predicament, but hey, in 3 yrs time you'll be out. THEN you'll start to appreciate what being buggered about means.

    Now get your self away.
  5. I also agree with the last two posters, Possibly something needs to be done about MCM div thinking you have already canceled two postings and hope that it might help you, but your wifes problems have nothing to do with the army she knew what she was getting herself into when she married you otherwise every pad would use it as an excuse to get a gucci posting.
  6. Someone cancelled your Ripon posting without your knowledge?
  7. i believe they should return you and let someone younger with more yrs to serve take your place. i've always wanted germany and had 3 uk postings!!

    just the army being lazy not searching for someone! hell part one orders could just display the post and ppl apply!
  8. I assume the Army does not have a "swop draft" [posting] system in place whereby you can swop with anyone who wants the posting you have been given and you take theirs, all other things being equal. [Used to work for the RN and probably still does]
  9. yes they do exile. our draughty's do it! need tp management to want to do their end though!
  10. lets get it right, i expected to be posted around, and i have but the circumstances around the refusal are whats annoyed me.

    had i refused 2 previous postings then it would only be fair, had i been allowed to submit my preferences, then this situation may not have arisen

    the fact is, i am currently in the UK, there moving me to Germany, and being generous enough to allow me my last 6 months in the uk to erm, re start all my plans, start planning my business etc etc

    the facts are also, as stated, i was not allowed to put in my preferences of posting, and someone has canceled 2 of my postings without me knowing, it is these 2 points as to what MCM are using as to refuse a UK posting, .....and whay did my Tidworth posting suddenly change when i was on Course

    i really dont find it unreasonable at all, to ask for a UK posting as your last

    personally i think this is a case of, well its his last few years, he wont do anything to ruin anything

    i know my wifes thoughts dont matter a jot to the army, thats been quite clear
  11. yes, and one other, to where i don't know
  12. I know its all not very soldierlike etc, but I think you might have a case for redress there.

    Regarding your wife, speak to the AWS and explain the situation, they may be able to influence posting.
  13. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I would agree with the redress. Whilst as someone said earlier exigenices of the service remain, it sounds as if untruths have been stated and the CoC appears to have had its head up its arse.

    It sounds as if you are being unnecessarily mucked around and as long as your facts are correct, redress would be fair.
  14. Go where you're f.cking told.
  15. Re dress - on what grounds Inspector Morse?

    did your wife realize you were in the Army when you married her or did you keep it a secret?